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Avaya Equinox for the Line of Business User

Avaya Equinox positively impacts the productivity of users across the enterprise. See it in action in Sales, Development, Operations, Human Resources and Finance

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Your people are working everywhere, using lots of different devices, different point solutions, connecting and collaborating however they can. But when those solutions won't work together, or worse, work differently on every device, your business suffers. Productivity, speed to market, the ability to address customer needs, just leak out of your business, department by department.

Rely on Avaya Equinox experience to change that by providing a single go-to resource, with the simple convenient tools your people need. And easily integrating with the applications, browsers, and devices they use everyday. Avaya Equinox streamlines business across your enterprise, department by department.


Your design and development teams depend on easy collaboration. Avaya Equinox delivers the video communication and information sharing that makes it easy to leverage people and expertise wherever they are. Eliminating revision cycles, reducing time to market.


Your sales reps need to get in front of clients early, handle a wider range of decision makers, and be ready to engage the full resources of your organization when it really matters, when they're with the customer. Equinox puts what your sales reps need at their fingertips, making it easy for them to set up a video conference, share documents, bring in subject matter experts, keep important messages, appointments, and missed calls front and center.

Equinox gives your sales reps the same great experience where ever they're working on whatever device they're using. It integrates seamlessly with other applications such as Salesforce. And with Equinox's video streaming capability, you can quickly distribute information on new products and services across your sales channels. To get higher participation and engagement earlier in the sales cycle.


Your operations groups are focused on maintaining supply chains, keeping teams in sync, and streamlining processes. Now, with Avaya Equinox, when problems arise, they can quickly share critical information through a single, persistent messaging stream. Label it, connect the relevant parties, embed any kind of file and maintain a clear record so everyone knows right away who did what and when.

For the enterprise teams, your business relies on every day, Equinox's anytime, anywhere communications and collaboration keeps them accessible to field inquiries. And resolve questions before they become problems. Equinox let's everyone see who's available, including outside resources like attorneys and auditors. And plan on Equinox's video capabilities getting a real workout.

HR can use Equinox for interviews, to deliver training, and set up a system for new employee on-boarding. Investor relations can stream quarterly earnings reports and calls with analysts. Equinox can stream up to 100,000 participants. And all internal departments can use Equinox for staff meetings for distributed teams, to explain new enterprise policies and roll out training.

Or just to keep everyone in the department or company up to speed with what's new. When your people struggle with communication and collaboration tools that weren't designed to work together, performance drains out of your business. Instead, get a single go to resource with a full set of communications and collaboration capabilities to unleash performance across your organization.

Avaya Equinox, discover the difference it can make in your enterprise.

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