Avaya Equinox—Driving Productivity in Sales

See how Avaya Equinox positively impacts productivity in Sales.

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With sales cycles today, you need your sales reps to engage clients early. Be prepared for a wider range of decision makers and have access to the full resources of your organization at a moment's notice. When you equip your sales force with Avaya equinox experience, you give them a single, go to resource they can rely on for all of that and more.

Equinox puts the right tools at their fingertips when it really matters, when they're with a client. Set up a video conference, share documents, bring in subject matter experts. For busy sale reps joggling lots of clients, it's easy for things to get overlooked. Equinox has a Top of Mind screen just for that.

Messages, appointments and missed calls stay front and center. No hunting around in different applications. And Equinox integrates seamlessly with other applications such as salesforce. For your sales reps, there's nothing new to learn. The tools are right there. And because Equinox is built on the innovative Avaya Breeze development platform, you can customize or add new capabilities as your needs evolve.

A single go to solution, your sales reps can count on to maximize engagement and make deals happen. Avaya Equinox, discover the difference it can make in sales and across your enterprise.