Avaya Equinox—Driving Productivity in Operations

See how Avaya Equinox positively impacts productivity in Operations.

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Maintaining supply chains, keeping teams in sync, streamlining processes, that's what operations management is all about. And to get it done right, you need a single go-to resource for communications that's simple and transparent, that adapts to your operations, that's Avaya Equinox experience. Count on it to keep all your critical messages front and center, no hunting around for the latest text or voice mail.

Now, they're all together. A problem with a supplier, a critical process fails? Rely on Equinox to see instantly who's available to fix it, and how best to connect. Equinox makes it easy to quickly share critical information, embed any kind of file and get a clear record of who did what and when.

Integrate Equinox directly into the other tools you use. Get full access to all these communications capabilities without even switching applications. And because Equinox is built on the innovative Avaya Breeze development platform, you can customize or add new capabilities as your needs evolve. A single go-to communications resource that adapts to your style of operations management, not the other way around.

Avaya Equinox, discover the difference it can make in your enterprise.