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Avaya Equinox-Driving productivity in Internal Departments

See how Avaya Equinox positively impacts productivity in Internal Departments

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Your internal teams, HR, legal, accounting, investor relations. They're always on the go, connecting with a wide range of people. They need a single go-to resource to stay engaged and connected. Rely on Avaya Equinox experience to make it happen. Now, they can easily manage their communications from anywhere, moving seamlessly from their mobile to their desktop to a tablet and back.

Start a conversation on one device and continue it on another. And wherever they are, they get an instant updated read on all their meeting messages, and missed calls all in one place. Need to know who's available right now to resolve a question before it becomes a problem? Rely on Equinox for up to the minute presence status including outside attorneys and auditors.

And because Equinox keeps conversations threaded by topic, there's a clear record of who did what, and when. Count on Equinox's video capabilities getting a full workout. It comes with full web conferencing and content sharing, and plenty of moderator controls even on a mobile device. HR can use Equinox to handle interviews, deliver training, and do new employee on boarding.

Investor relations can stream the quarterly earnings reports and calls with analysts. Equinox can broadcast up to 100,000 participants. Broadcast video about new products and services across your sales channels to get higher participation and engagement earlier in the sales cycle. Your internal teams can easily integrate Equinox directly into the other tools they're using.

Get full access to Equinox communications capabilities without even switching applications. And because Equinox is built on the innovative Avaya breeze development platform, you can customize or add new capabilities as your needs evolve. Is there any department that can't benefit from having a single go-to resource for simple, seamless communications?

Avaya Equinox, discover the difference it can make in your enterprise.

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