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Avaya Equinox-Driving productivity in Design and Development

See how Avaya Equinox positively impacts productivity in Design and Development

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You're developing a new design concept, launching a new product or service. Doing that successfully is all about collaboration, bringing together different people, different teams, lots of different skill sets from across your business. That's why you want Avaya Equinox experience. It's a single go-to resource your people can rely on to simplify collaboration and speed time to market.

Get simple, reliable video conferencing and document sharing that works the same for everyone on any device. Keep critical messages, the production schedule, for example, front and center. No need to hunt around in different applications. Development work depends on formal lines of communication and plenty of informal ones. Equinox makes it easy to connect on the fly.

Everyone always knows who is available and how to get in touch. Easily embed any kind of file in any message, and keep those messages organized, so there is a clear record of who did what and when. Equinox integrates seamlessly into other tools. That means busy product teams can get full access to Equinox without even switching applications.

And because it's built on the innovative Avaya Breeze development platform, you can customize or add new capabilities as your needs change. Get a single go-to resource that keeps everyone collaborating, cuts down on costly revision cycles, reduces time to market. Avaya Equinox. Discover the difference it can make in design and development and across your enterprise.

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