Avaya Equinox Attendant

Avaya Equinox Attendant leverages the power of unified communications to give your front desk personnel the best possible chance of creating the right first impression.

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An inbound call can be the first opportunity for your business to create a positive impression. An efficient response proves a sense of how the rest of your business operates and can lead to stronger customer relationships. Poor responsiveness can send customers away just as quickly. But how do you ensure that your front office employees have the best hand of creating that positive impression?

Avaya Equinox Attendant leverages the power of unified communications to give your business the best chance of success and giving your employees a leg up by providing presence information so they can see who's available and who is not.


A favorites list that provides quick access to your business's most common called destination. Suggested call route based on previous call patterns. Cherry picking, so that operators can handle the most important calls first. An intuitive interface that makes routine functions like call transfer and parking calls, quick and easy.


Contextual information that allows for more personal touch in greeting regular customers. Flexible operator controls that make coverage easily adoptable to changing conditions. And when operators log off, the system shifts to night service, ensuring customers get a response no matter what time they call.


Avaya Equinox Attendant places the operator in control, with features that allow them to readily access and distribute calls to the correct extensions. You only get one chance to create a great first impression. With Avaya Equinox Attendant, you'll create a the right image with your customers, every time. Contact your Avaya representative, or visit avaya.com to learn more about Avaya Equinox Attendant and the positive impact it can have on the first impressions your business makes.