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Avaya Equinox and Oceana User Experience

It’s game day! When time is critical and the task list is long, rely on Avaya Team and Customer Engagement solutions to make the difference!

>> [MUSIC]

Ball is on their own 39 yard line.
>> When the experience you deliver to your employees and customers is everything.
>> There's the snap.
>> When making it simple for people to get things done their way really matters.
>> He's looking long!
>> Do what top performing companies all over the world do.

Rely on Avaya for the mobility, simplicity, and context, that takes communication and collaboration to a new level.
>> First in! Looks like we'll be right back here seven days from now.
>> This game is almost over. But the stadium managers job is just beginning. With his team headed to the play offs he has 7 days to get everything ready.

The playing field, the VIP suites, the consession stands. People need to get engaged. Teams formed, information shared. It's a challenge taylor made for Avaya Equinox, which gets enterprise class HD voice, video, multimedia messaging, and conferencing, all working together seamlessly. The grounds crew says, that to get the turf ready in time, they have to start right after the game.

You escalate the text to a conference, and use Multi Device Access, to take it on your laptop. Avaya Equinox, makes it easy to include the groundskeeping team, plus Kim, from contracts. You share photos, discuss the contract, vendors can log in, using a browser, and see everything. And moving the conversation back to your mobile is just as easy.

Simply pick up the call, and continue to take advantage of the easy on-screen controls. [SOUND] It's the stadium CEO's office. The Governor's office wants to know about using the VIP suite. [SOUND] It's the stadium security chief, the Governor's security detail wants layouts and details. It's the PR Department.

The Governor's office has called about photo ops. You set up a message thread in AVAYA equinox. It's more than just IM. Texts, documents, voice messages, photos, videos are persistent and all in one place. Team members can pick up the conversation where they left off on any desktop or mobile device.

You record a quick voice message letting the team know this is an urgent matter. With Avaya Equinox keeping everyone in the loop, the governor gets service that's consistent, coordinated, and professional. Oh, big third-down play!
>> Social media is lighting up with ticket questions. With Avaya Oceana, you're all ready to deliver an experience that's proactive and responsive.

Quickly add a Click-To-Contact Web RTC button to your sales site. Now fans can connect however they want. Voice, text, email wherever they are from any device. And everything is routed to the right place in your contact center. Create a separte web RTC link for an email going to season ticket holders.

Another for top VIPs. With Avaya Oceana, agents can track and manage all calls, emails, and chats in one place. See at a glance each customer's journey.
>> Here's the play, keeping it on the ground. Oh, he's got room. Oh, he's got the first down! That should do it!


>> So maybe you don't operate a sports stadium. Maybe you're opening a series of hotels, coordinationg a major construction project, getting your hospital ready for a big accredition review, rolling out a new investmanet service, looking for a better way to keep faculty and students informed. From the campus to the conference room, the car to the contact center Give your people what they need to communicate their way.

When experience is everything, when you need smart, seemless solutions to support winning strategies, get Avaya. [APPLAUSE]
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