Avaya Enterprise Cloud Overview

Whether you are looking to migrate, extend, optimize or transform your business. Avaya cloud options allow you to take advantage of cloud flexibility and create a solution to support your own unique business advantage.

>> [SOUND] You're competing in a world that's not just connected, but hyper connected. Not just more intelligent, but more equipped than ever before to act on that intelligence. To go where your customers are, to give your employees the tools they need, to enable your enterprise to turn on a dime to meet the demand of digital transformation requires a new generation of cloud based delivery architectures that are open, extensible, and available on demand.

Allowing you to implement the communications and collaboration tools your people and your business depend on everyday with strict SLAs that can form to your business. Can you get that from today's cloud? Well, you can, if it's the Avaya cloud. Give your employees one touch access to the tools that enable them to operate at the speed of business.

Simple, seamless, transparent, in context, user defined. Deliver the customer experiences that today's digital economy demands on any channel, with the critical context at every touch point, and the analytics that help you keep constantly improving. Consolidate your infrastructure, free up your IT teams, lower your costs. You can do all of that and much more.

Because with Avaya you get the cloud your way. Deploy it your way. Manage it your way. Scale your solutions up and down and pay only for what you use. Put your entire Avaya solution in the cloud or rely on a hybrid of cloud and locally installed capability. Because Avaya cloud solutions are based on an open architecture, it works with your current solutions, Avaya or third-party, protecting your investments, and letting you move to the cloud at your pace.

You can also embed Avaya capabilities directly into other applications. Our cloud solutions are ITIL allied, and adhere to global standards. We offer SLAs that address compliance, privacy, and security. So, Avaya Cloud Solutions can be designed to match your specific performance requirements. And because it's in the Cloud, you know you're always on the most current release.

Hundreds of enterprises have all ready turned to cloud and managed server solutions from Avaya. We're responsible for over 3 million unified communication seats, over a half million contact centers agents, over 1,000 video rooms, and more. Take advantage of monthly billing models for communications applications that are per seat or per port.

Or monthly user subscription options with bundled tiers of features. We offer volume and term discounts, and we consistently deliver on the bottom line. Studies show our large cloud customers can achieve 42% ROI, a seven month payback. But the cloud isn't just about cost savings, it's about business transformation.

As you transform for the new digital, hyper-connected economy, rely on the company that is delivering the cloud solutions that will get you there today. An open cloud architecture that protects your existing investments while opening the door to limitless interoperability. Cloud your way, from Avaya.