Avaya Engagement Assistant Snap-in

Use this Snap-in for Engagement Development Platform to simplify access to voice and video conference calls. Engagement Assistant eliminates the hassle of users manually entering long bridge numbers and passcodes. Users call a single phone number and use speech-driven access to join any voice or video conference on their Microsoft Outlook calendars. Take the hassle out of conference calls with Avaya.

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Lunch ran late, and now you need to handle that conference call while driving. You can pull over, manually dial the bridge number, and enter the passcode if you can even find it. or you can keep driving and let Avaya Engagement Assistant do everything for you. Here's how it works.

Simply call your Engagement Assistant number.
>> Call Engagement Assistant.
>> It looks in your Outlook Calendar, finds your conference call, and seamlessly connects you.
>> Avaya Engagement Assistant, your scheduled meeting in product review.
>> Engagement assistant is hands free. Simply register and set a speed dial number or speech-enabled contact for the engagement assistant number on the devices and apps you use every day.

Then do the rest with speech commands. It's also passcode free. Engagement assistant automatically extracts the info from your Microsoft Exchange base calendar, dials the number, and enters all the necessary passcodes. All you have to do is join the bridge.
>> Say join the bridge.
>> Join the bridge.


>> It's that simple. If you have more than one Conference scheduled, the engagement assistant lets you choose the one to join and how you want to be connected.
>> How would you like to join?
>> And it recognizes you whether your calling from your mobile, home, or your office.


>> I'll connect you to the conference bridge. Please wait.
>> When you go from your mobile to your office, don't hang up. Engagement assistant will seamlessly transfer your call to your laptop or desktop. Best of all, it works with Avaya Aura Conference, Scopia, or virtually any conference bridge.

Engagement assistant is just one of the many out-of-the-box snap-ins available for Avaya Breeze. Use it on its own, or together with other Avaya Breeze applications to quickly create powerful web and mobile user experiences for your customers and teams. Are you ready to take the hassle out of accessing conference calls?

Then you're ready for Engagement Assistant, from Avaya.