Avaya ENGAGE 2020 Customer Experience

Simon Harrison, Avaya Senior VP and Chief Marketing Officer, talks about our vision and continuous innovation in customer experience solutions. See why he calls Avaya “the place to be.”

>> Ladies and gentlemen, let's welcome Simon Harrison to the stage.


>> Hello, wow. Feels great to be here as an Avayan.
>> Yeah, I'll tell you that round of applause, thank you. As much as I love presenting a Gartner presentation, of course, this feels really good to be part of a progressive and high energy company. I've been here a week and I can honestly say this is the place to be.


>> Yeah, it definitely is. My good friend and former colleague, Mr. Drew Kraus, will be joining me shortly to talk about the future of customer and employee experiences. It's gonna be a great presentation. But I thought I'd just give you a little insight into why I'm stood here as an Avayan.

At Gartner, I led a few magic quadrants. You may have read some. I help businesses be better, address ambitions, and solve problems. I may have even helped a few C3 teams run a better company. I like to think so anyway. In fact, I was very proud of the work I did at Gartner.

And I felt privileged to be in a position to do that. My coverage was primarily contact center, unified communications, CRM customer service, workforce engagement management, and a bunch of digital workplace technologies to unify communications, evolve to workstream collaboration. It was reasonably broad but it was still an all-around customer service, customer experience, and employee experience.

Of course, I had a few AI-based inquiries too, just a few. But there is more to my story. On a special role at Gartner, I was tasked with working across all of the application teams agendas. So ERP, digital commerce, digital workplace, marketing, sales tech, blockchain, and many more application areas to support writing research through a more connected lens.

And I realized something really important. We live in a world where CIOs, CTOs, application leaders are trying to solve problems and address ambitions with a myriad of platforms, ecosystems, and applications. And this isn't going to change. It's not slowing down. They're attempting to orchestrate a symphony of API-based technologies, hosted, hybrid, SaaS-based cloud services, in-house development, open-source frameworks, packaged applications, IoT and devices to deliver the future of their application strategy.

Including, of course, the future of customer employee experiences technology that forms part of an enterprise application strategy. You've heard about our pace of innovation from Frank and lots about the future of the company from Jim. I wanted to write my broad perspective reflecting on the market as a whole.

I can confidently say that Avaya is the only vendor I know of that can deliver against the needs of the evolved experience economy. We're gonna show you a real world customer journey supported by Avaya that demonstrates this. Continuous innovation will mean a significant and persistent advantage against our competitors.

They won't be catching up. They won't, I decided to vote with my feet. This is why I'm at Avaya. And again, having been here only a week, I've found my home. This place has a huge heart. And I am so proud to be here. Avaya is a leading contact center in unified communications solutions provider.

Okay, let's just make that clear but it is so much more. It is a vendor delivering on what we would learn more about in terms of multi experiences, touch points, modalities, headless channels. Beyond that though, spaces collaboration, conversational intelligence, deep process analytics, knowledge management, CPaaS, the developer experience, a plethora of very broad capabilities that fit as part of the experience economy.

It's a vendor that truly addresses the ambitions of the customer and the employee experience economy in particular to form part of a partner platform and an application ecosystem. By ecosystem is connecting nurses to emergency services faster. It's helping the stop soldier suicide. Nonprofit organization provide life-saving services. It ensures Loughborough Schools Foundation responsible for 2,000 pupils, keep students safe.

My title may have changed but my passion for helping to shape the future of the industry really has not. I believe Avaya is changing the world. It's time to tell that story of your successes.