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Avaya has developed an Avaya Desktop Customer Canvas that provides a clear path to significantly improve your Desktop experience –moving you from your existing Avaya devices to the Essential J-Series portfolio and to the Vantage K-Series portfolio, as well as moving to the CU-360 and Avaya Equinox -- the latest in video conferencing technology!

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You want your employees to have the right communication and collaboration experience, but where should you start? Start with your devices. To build a solid foundation for your UC strategy. To get the seamlessness that's essential to making UC successful. To take full advantage of everything that UC can offer, including integration with the cloud.

You need devices designed to deliver all of that and more. Avaya, is ready today. With a new generation of devices specifically designed to maximize the UC experience. The Avaya portfolio of essential desk phones. Complete redesigned to adapt to the needs of every kind of worker. The new screen interface makes these devices easier than ever to use, and personalize.

And the revolutionary, Avaya Vantage. Completely customizable. Vantage brings all that the cloud has to offer into full view, and brings the full Avaya Equinox experience to the desktop. Vantage ensures critical business information is always front and center, and can be adapted to any environment, such as a hotel, or inside a hospital.

The possibilities are endless. Vantage is now available for small and mid size business with new form factors. And can be experienced on top of any standard platform using open SIP technology. And for easy collaboration, check out the innovative new Avaya devices designed for the conference rooms. And the ground breaking Avaya Huddle Room, solution that's perfect for small team conferencing.

Plug it in, and your employees can start sharing from any laptop, mobile, or tablet. Its 4K wide angle camera is ideal for two video calls. Avaya Equinox ensures all team members have a seamless and productive collaboration experience. For the devices you rely on to communicate and collaborate, businesses have always trusted Avaya.

Now, for the devices that are literally redefining the future of unified communications, count on Avaya to lead the way, once again.

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