Avaya Desktop Experience Overview

>> Today, outside the office, we enjoy personalizing our phones and having instant access to our favorite communications tools. Now Avaya is making it possible to have that same great experience in our work communications, transforming the desktop experience by integrating consumer technology in a way that makes sense for any business.

The Avaya Essential Experience J Series IP Phones provide smart button placement, customizable screens, and the latest wireless technology. Use them anywhere to make your business communication easier and more productive. And with the award winning Avaya Vantage, you get a seamless voice and video communications experience with easy access to other required base communications, such as social media.

Its ability integrate into everyday workflows will accelerate any business. For a superb call quality in today's busy office environments, rely on Avaya's professional grade headsets. With best-in-class microphones eliminating background noise, and Avaya's breakthrough Acoustic-Edge Technology, your employees are assured a safe, comfortable and productive experience. And when you're on the go, the new Avaya B109 Conference Phone is like having a portable, instant conference room.

It's small enough to take with you, and Avaya's patented OmniSound Technology delivers wide band, crystal clear sound. It's the latest edition to Avaya's full line of audio and video conferencing solutions. Avaya handsets are another great option for going wireless in the office. SIP enabled, they deliver great coverage and handle voice and text messaging.

And the Avaya experience extends well beyond the business office. Avaya's hospitality devices are a great example of how we're dramatically changing the way hotels can use communications to enhance the experience they deliver to their guests. Avaya's devices work on Avaya or any other UC platform. For any size of business, delivering an experience that's connected, modern, and personalized.

Want the ease and simplicity you now enjoy outside the office to be yours inside the office? Let Avaya show you the way.