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Avaya CX Solutions in a Digital Transformation Era

Avaya Oceana, a customer experience solution, delivers smart, simple, personal experiences to any customer on any channel.

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When it comes to digital transformation in today's consumer, it's all about delivering smart, simple, personal experiences to any customer on any channel.


And giving enterprises the tools to keep adopting those experiences as your business and your customers keep changing. That's the idea behind Avaya Oceana, a customer experience solution designed for a world of digital transformation. And you can see it in action with a customer like Sarah. 34, owns her own accounting firm and is the one responsible for managing the many media accounts for her growing family.

Sarah is heading out on a short business trip. On the way she's a digital ad that her cable company is introduced a new mobile service Including a special offer if she acts quickly. Sarah is intrigued and starts investigating. Sarah calls the number. Oceana takes Sarah's call and turns it into a self-service interaction.

Because Sarah was also using her tablet, she picks it up there and begins looking at her options. Sara likes what she sees and logs into her account. Oceana sees her history and uses business rules to get the right information, and show Sarah mobile options designed for her. Sarah has questions, the Oceana chat bot customizes the responses to Sarah.

The answers are what Sarah is looking for. She hits Enroll, because new mobile customers must first complete an FCC customer consent. Oceana starts the process, giving Sarah the option to call in and use self service Service to record the agreement. Oceana will automatically attach it to her account.

But Sarah's cab has arrived at the airport. She has to get going, and she has to take an important call. Oceana sends a text providing a link where she can pick up the transaction later. That night in her hotel, Sarah uses the text to log in and keep going.

But before completing the consent, Sarah has one more question. So from the text, she launches her call and connects with Marty. Her information travels with the call. So Marty instantly sees Sarah's account information and her entire journey. Including that she is right on the verge of recording the FCC consent.

Together they co-browse the new mobile offers. Marty answers Sarah's question. Offers to handle the recording and adds a free trial subscription to a new premium channel Sarah's kids will love. Sarah is delighted. The sign up is completed and the confirmation is sent. Multiple interactions, multiple devices, multiple needs.

One customer, one seamless customer journey using all the information available. Customer profile, previous interactions, location, and much more. Orchestrating the engagement, making each interaction at every touch point as enriching and compelling as possible. That was the case with Sarah. But what about the thousands of other interactions you handle every day?

Oceana is there to manage each one and help you keep making them better with tools like Avaya Context Store, Oceanalytics, and Agent Workspaces. You get a full set of omnichannel capabilities to optimize customer journeys, and remove buying roadblocks, extract data from existing interactions, and map new opportunities, track sentiment in real time, push the information across your organization.

In IT today, applications are absorbing more and more of the infrastructure. Oceana was designed for this new world. It was developed using a via breeze and open APIs, so it's completely adaptable. Azure needs change, simply change the rules somehow you engage. And keep using your current infrastructure and existing solutions.

Oceana coexists and enhances those infrastructure investments. Your customers have expectations for how they want to do business with you. Meeting those expectations drives up retention, drives up net promoters scores, you can't ignore them. Instead, get out in front of them with Avaya Oceana.