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Studies show that 66% of consumers expect personalized treatment. If your customers don’t get the experience they expect, they’ll go somewhere else. Avaya Control Manager makes it easy to distribute administrative tasks that will improve operational efficiency. Avaya CM provides your customers a consistent experience and that experience encourages customer loyalty. Learn how Avaya Control Manager can unify your Avaya Aura infrastructure today.

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There are two things my managers look at every single day, Profitability and our Net Promoter Score. I saw in a study that 66% of consumers expect personalized treatment, and if they get it, they'll spend more money. Avaya Control Manager makes that easier to deliver. We had a situation this morning where callers were hanging up on self-service.

Every second counts. That frustration quickly and quietly turns into lost revenue, not to mention hurting customer satisfaction. Sometimes just a minor change will eliminate the point of confusion and get us back to delivering the customer experience they expect. Before Avaya Control Manager, I'd have to fill out a trouble ticket, then wait helplessly until IT responded.

It could take hours or even days. And by then it could cost us hundreds of customers and thousands of dollars. Avaya Control Manager changed all that. Now instead of paying a consultant thousands of dollars to document our call flows, I can visualize them and fix the problems myself without having to wait.

Non-technical users like me can design call flows and manage policy routing tables and vectors just by dragging and dropping. Avaya Control Manager is the foundation that unifies the Avaya environment into a centralized web-based interface. Now, non-technical people can administer the Avaya Call Management System, Communication Manager and many other applications all in one place.

As we grow, we need to make changes and monitor licensing across increasingly complex systems. With Avaya Control Manager, it's easy to find all the related entities and even make bulk changes. And I can setup a new agent once, instead of in every application. Avaya Control Manager distributes administrative tasks throughout our organization to improve operational efficiency and agent productivity.

It simplifies administration and makes it possible to have a multi-tenant Avaya environment. And it makes us responsive to changing needs. So we can create a consistent customer experience, across all parts of the business without putting a strain on our resources. That same study, said that 88% of consumers would rather spend money with companies that are easy to do business with.

Now you can be one of those companies with Control Manager from Avaya. [SOUND]
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