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Avaya Co-Browsing Snap-in Video

Enable rich online collaboration directly within your website. Use this developer Snap-in to make your web pages more personal with guided web browsing, shared control, and secure form filling that helps you close online transactions, improve first contact resolution, and differentiate your online experience. Use Avaya Breeze applications such as this one to quickly create powerful web and mobile user experiences for your customers and teams.

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Euro mortgage banker stepping a customer through a complex application over the phone. A customer service agent, demonstrating a new software feature online. An online retailer helping a customer enter a special coupon code for their shopping cart. Your customer is getting frustrated, you could keep trying to explain what you do and risk more frustration.

But, wouldn't be a better idea to show them? By getting both of you on the same page. Now you can by adding the Avaya Co-Browsing Snap-in to your customer experience tools. Now you can keep the conversation going whether its a phone call, a live chat, or a social media exchange on your customer`s computer, smart phone, or tablet.

Share a control to quickly get things done, whether it showing them around a website, clicking on elements and links, or filling out a form. Just as if it was your own browser window and keep sensitive information private and secure by masking specific fields. When you both can see what needs to be done, it eliminates the frustration.

Service is faster and smarter.


Co-Browsing is part of Avaya Breeze. Use it together with all of the Avaya Breeze applications to quickly create powerful web and mobile user experiences for your customers and teams. The Avaya Co-Browsing Snap-in, another smart way to engage. From Avaya.

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