Avaya Cloud Services

Avaya Cloud Services delivers the performance, reliability, and security needed for a successful cloud solution. We take the same capabilities that made us a leader in engagement and host them in the cloud.

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For today's enterprise, the cloud is big. Putting your IT infrastructure and applications gives you new ways to help your business grow scale and find new customers, roll out new services while controlling your costs. And replace an upfront and often unpredictable capital expense with a stable predictable operating expense.

But as big as the Cloud is today it's about to get even bigger as more enterprises go beyond infrastructure hosting services and use the Cloud to streamline the way they collaborate and engage resources. Already businesses around the world have moved hundreds of millions of their desktops to the Cloud, making it easy for employees to work anywhere.

And when a new application gets introduced today, eight out of ten times, it's done through the Cloud. Across finance, education, healthcare, and other industries, this is delivering a new generation of collaboration and engagement capabilities that can increase productivity, help improve customer experiences, and support you in boosting profitability.

Cloud applications supporting collaboration and engagement are among the most Most demanding. They're real time, requiring high levels of performance, reliability, and security. To take advantage of them, you need a cloud provider who understands what it takes to deliver them. You need Avaya. We've taken the same capabilities that have made Avaya a leader in engagement solutions hosted on your premises and hosted them in the cloud you get everything you need to unify your communications.

And deliver improved customer and team engagements. And better utilize all your resources. Including a full set of services for managing it all. Avaya gives you a range of cloud options. A cost effective public or shared card option delivered by our partners, a hybrid approach so you can keep select applications on premises.

For example, to meet security requirements or for compliance reasons, or a completely private cloud that can be designed to your specific needs including hybrid cloud options and Avaya-managed services. Avaya is the global leader in communications and engagement. We got there by delivering the solutions and services for traditional IT and infrastructures.

Now we're bringing that same global leadership to the cloud. Are you ready to make it easy to deploy the tools your employees need any where on any device? To engage the resources that matter to your business anywhere in the world? To get the support you need for today's demanding realtime applications?

You are, if you have Avaya Cloud Services. [SOUND]