Avaya Cloud Office: Why Avaya & RingCentral

Two communications industry leaders come together to design the ideal cloud phone system for today’s businesses. Call, meet, share, and collaborate. Stay on task and on schedule with file sharing, task management, virtual team rooms, and more.

>> [MUSIC] Today, some of the biggest names in technology are racing to show how they can deliver a Cloud solution for communications and collaboration. But take a close look at the solutions they offer and you might be disappointed to find some things missing, like robust calling features, you probably now take for granted, built-in support for third-party productivity applications, even at local and long distance calling. If any of that bothers you, talk to Avaya. Avaya has long been acknowledged as a leader when it comes to offering real comprehensive solutions that unify communications. The same goes for RingCentral. When it comes to a completely Cloud-based solution for unifying communications, RingCentral is also a clear leader. Now Avaya and RingCentral are working together, delivering Avaya Cloud Office. For a single solution you can use to call, meet, share, collaborate, and has all the things that are missing in those other solutions. Trust the two leaders to make it happen. Avaya Cloud Office by Ring Central. Let us show you what it can do for you. [MUSIC].