Avaya Cloud Office User Experience

One app for all your communications, working on any device. Walk through all the features and functions Avaya Cloud Office brings you—video, voice, and messaging.

>> Today, how we work together is changing dramatically. We depend on the solutions that keep us connected, calling, texting, meeting sharing, but having a screen full of different apps for all of those things? Putting up with different apps that work differently on different devices. Who wants that? Instead, rely on the one app that does it all and works the same across all your devices. Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral, log on with your single sign-on, have a meeting scheduled, it will pop u right up. Just click and get the tools you need to get everyone working together, sharing content, collaborating. The interface makes connections effortless. At anytime use the icons along the top to scan your messages, the current status of your key colleagues, your favorites, your calendar, get a rundown on all your recent calls, see all your contacts, personal, and company, easily respond to any communication in the way that works best for you, or use the icons down here to watch an entirely new text, quickly set up the meeting or conference call, or send a fax. To make a phone call, just pull up the dial pad, enter a contact, or just start dialing. On the call, you're in control. You can hold, transfer or pocket for someone else to pick up. To move the call to another device, just press call Flip. You won't miss a beat. As you move from device to device, Avaya Cloud Office, it's constantly updating with your latest communications. Remember with Avaya Cloud Office, you are always connected with just one number for calls, texts, and faxes on all your devices. For handling incoming calls, you've got plenty of options, including responding with a customized voice message or just letting the call go to voicemail. Manage up to five colors at the same time and decide how you want to respond. For keeping teams on track, Avaya Cloud Office is ready. Set up impromptu video meetings, instantly convert a message into a conference call, collaborate, assign tasks. Avaya Cloud Office is your activity hub that keeps everyone connected. Responsible for managing call coverage for a team or colleagues? Use head-up display to see their presence, chat directly, and manage calls as they come in. To streamline work even more, use Avaya Cloud Office to add one-click communications capabilities from right inside your favorite applications. One solution for all your video, voice, and messaging. One number, so you are always in touch. One application you can use to add the latest communications capabilities to your everyday productivity tools. Wherever you're working across all your devices, Avaya Cloud Office by RingCentral. The solution for the way people work today when the experience matters, trust Avaya.