Avaya Cloud Office: Streamlining Processes

Collaboration happens within the apps you use every day. Here’s how to get more from your communications by integrating your favorite desktop applications with Avaya Cloud Office.

>> [MUSIC] The cloud is a great way to get all your communications working together. One solution for calling, messages, meetings, and more. But did you know that with the cloud, you can also directly connect your communications to the apps you use every day and see real improvements, in basic business processes? Your people rely on Google's G Suite to work efficiently and drive your business forward. [MUSIC] Now they can make and receive calls, texts and fax. Or hold web meetings and conference calls. [MUSIC] All from within their Chrome browser. You have people working the phones to draw up sales, using Salesforce and Oracle sales cloud. [MUSIC] Start using the Cloud, to automate dialing and appointment scheduling from right inside those apps. [MUSIC] You have teams working across departments, locations, time zones relying on Outlook, Google Calendar, or [inaudible 00:00:58] Baritrax360. [MUSIC] Make it easy for teams to set up and join collaboration sessions from within any of those apps. Avaya Cloud Office comes with over 200 pre-built integrations. [MUSIC] So it's easy to take the tools you love, connect them to a Avaya Cloud Office and see the difference. [MUSIC] Want to learn more, about adding communications capabilities to your favorite apps, talk to Avaya. [MUSIC] Let us show you, how you can use a Avaya Cloud Office to create the simple, streamlined experiences your business needs. [MUSIC]