Avaya Cloud Office: Remote Working

All the capabilities you need to stay engaged, productive and responsive while working remotely: Call, text, meet and share on the device of your choice from virtually any location. You’ll wonder how you got anything done without it!

>> [MUSIC] Today, having a remote working strategy for your employees is becoming essential. Since 2005, remote working has grown by an amazing 173 percent. Nearly half of all employees now work at home with some frequency. A full 40 percent more US employers offered flexible workplace options than they did just five years ago. Remote working addresses life-work balance, extreme weather, epic challenges like the coronavirus. Remote workers say they benefit from reduced interruptions and less stress from commuting. Studies suggest that when you add up all the benefits, employers can save a lot. But to make remote working a success, equipping your teams with the right communication tools is essential. That's where a cloud-based communications and collaboration solution is essential, giving you the calling features that keep people connected. The messaging and file sharing then enables teams to work better together, and the HD quality web, audio, and video that's essential for real collaboration. As you plan your remote working strategy talk to Avaya. We've helped thousands of companies shift their communications to the cloud. Let us help you get the cloud communications solution to help keep your employees safe and secure, and your business on track to achieve real performance. [MUSIC].