Avaya Cloud Office: Migrating to the Cloud

It’s finally fast and affordable to migrate, simplify, and update your communications. Here’s how to ensure you choose the right cloud solution for your business.

>> [MUSIC]. The trend is unmistakable. More and more companies are migrating their communications to the Cloud. But how do you make sure you get the cloud solution that's right for you? Based on our experience with thousands of Cloud implementations, here are three key steps to follow. Whether you are moving from an older communications system or starting from scratch. First, take an in-depth look at your business, your workforce, different locations. Are you primarily office spaced or mobile? Are there plans for expansion to support remote working? What's the role of video, team collaboration? This discontinuity is on everyone's mind today. What do you want from your communication system to keep you going? Next, look at your timetable. Do you need to get the migration to the Cloud started sooner because your existing communication system is experiencing performance issues? Or just isn't supporting your business needs. Many companies benefit from a staged implementation, bringing on different locations, different groups of employees, or even specific features over time. Finally, establish some metrics for what you want to achieve. Lower costs, more sales, increased productivity, more employees working mobile, shorter approval processes, set goals that you can measure. Looking for more insight on migrating your communications to the Cloud, talk to Avaya. We've handled thousands of Cloud migrations and have the resources and expertise to make your move to Avaya Cloud Office a success.