Avaya Cloud Office: Calculating Cloud ROI

We help you identify all the relevant costs of a communications solution and explain where a cloud solution can save you money.

>> [MUSIC] Can you lose money by choosing the wrong communication solution for your business? If it's a conventional office phone system, the answer may be yes. Here's why. A traditional phone system requires significant upfront investments; hardware, phones, software licenses, someone to set it up, then add the extras. Do you want audio conferencing, online meetings, integration with apps like Google or O365? You'll pay more for that. Then, add in upgrades and maintenance, local and long-distance calling, and some customer assistance. If the system fails or you want to make changes, those costs start adding up quickly. But with a Cloud solution, many, if not most of those costs aren't costs at all, they are all included in your basic monthly subscription. That's why choosing the Cloud for your communications, can generate savings of 30 percent and more. Want to learn more? Talk to Avaya, we'll help you get a Cloud solution that's right for you. [MUSIC]