Avaya Cloud Office Demo: Administration

This overview of the Avaya Cloud Office Admin portal shows how easy it is to set up a new user and trouble shoot issues using the integrated analytics package.

>> In this demo, we'll take a look at what's involved in administering Avaya Cloud Office and troubleshooting issues with call quality. This takes place on the administration portal. Here is where you set up users, the phone system, manage meetings, get reports on how you're using this system, and more. Right here on the homepage, you can see that there are options for setting your business hours and how incoming calls are handled. Let's look at what's involved in setting up a new user. Will demonstrate this by first clicking on users, then add user, select a location, domestic or international. Let's set up one user here in Massachusetts, in the Boston area, this user will get a new number. You can provide a desk phone for this user purchasing it or subscribing to it as a service. These come pre-configured from our distribution center and are shipped right to the user. All they have to do is plug it in and there is also the option to use a computer and headset along with Avaya Cloud Office app. Now, let's confirm the order. We see the monthly rate and the pro-rated credit. You only pay for the amount of the month remaining. There are the taxes and fees. It all looks good. We hit the checkbox, hit next, this creates a DID number, a Direct Inward Dial number and extension in your organization that at this point is unassigned. Now, go to the list of unassigned extensions. There's the number, let's click on it and assign this DID number to someone, will assign it to Joe Johnson and enter all of his information, including his email. The system will check to make sure the email is unique. You can also set things like whether you want to record all of this person's calls. Once you're done, Joe automatically gets an e-mail that he can start using Avaya Cloud office. He'll set a password and also be asked to identify where he's physically located. If he makes an emergency call, the first responders know where to go, that's it. That's all that's involved in setting up a user. Frankly, you'll experience something quite similar in setting up things like the auto attendant for answering incoming calls. How calls get routed in your business, for example, do they ring extensions one-by-one, or all extensions in a specific department at once. The music or announcements, callers here, your conference bridge. On the administrative portal page, there is a list of tutorials that provide step-by-step instructions for these and other capabilities. Let's take a look at how you can get the best possible quality in your Avaya Cloud Office Communications and troubleshoot if issues arise. Let's say people complained that on a particular day call quality was not good. You can use Avaya Cloud Office like a time machine to go back and investigate. Click on "Analytics," and you'll see a whole host of things you can measure. Now, click on "Quality of service," and you'll see a dashboard of all phone calls originating through your account. Most are measuring good, but there are a few with bad audio. Click here and you can see all the calls with bad audio. Now, let's dig into what caused it. Is it the network or the device? Let's look at a specific call. This side, upload to the Cloud was good and download streams to the app look okay but it was on the other side of the call where the problem occurred. The upload side had significant packet loss and jitter. Digging in further, you'll see that this user was using another app on their iPhone 10s. As a result, during the call, the operating system was using a lot of the CPU and RAM. On the other side, the caller was using a 6s plus, that's a pretty old phone, so the phone utilization was really high. CPU utilization was 80 percent plus, and the available memory was really low. You could talk to these users about the devices they're using or the number of apps open. That's how you get the ability to troubleshoot performance and really get to the bottom of what might be causing a specific issue. If you'd like to learn more or get indirect contact with an Avaya Cloud Office expert simply go to a avaya.com/cloudoffice and you can get connected right away.