Avaya Call Park and Page Snap-in Video

Quickly connect incoming callers to experts in your organization—no matter where they are. Ideal for reaching on-the-go people, this out-of-the-box application for Engagement Development Platform enables operators to park callers on designated extensions while they page or text users to retrieve the call from any phone. The Avaya Call Park & Page Snap-in keeps call handling simple and customers happy.

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It's a typical day in a busy department store. Customers are calling in and want to be put through to the retail specialists on the floor, or a hospital or doctors office. Patients want to get threw to their doctors and specialists. Or it might be any fast paced office where employees are always on the go.

People are calling in wanting to talk to your experts and specialist, whoever they may be. What happens in your organization.
>> He's not here right now. I'll see if I can track him down. Do they have to put the person on hold, track down whom ever is being called and connect the two?

Here's a better way. Customize your call handling using the Call Park and Page Snap-in from Avaya. When calls come in, the person taking the call simply presses a button. The system instantly creates an extension where the caller is held. Operators can then call, text, or page whomever it is that the caller needs to immediately consult.

All that person has to do is called the assigned extension and get connected from wherever they are from any phone. The call, park, and page app work across your network in all the location where you need it. One solution for your entire, keep call handling simple, response time quick, customers happy and satisfied.

Call Park & Page is just one of many out-of-the-box snap-ins available for Avaya Breeze. Use it standalone or together with other Avaya Breeze applications. To quickly create powerful web and mobile user experiences for your customers and teams. Are you ready to streamline call handling? Then you're ready for Call Park and Page from Avaya.