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Avaya TV

Avaya Breeze Use Case Scenarios

Watch as Gary Barnett demonstrates how Avaya Engagement Development Platform has made it easy to redevelop a business’ application, which only took two days, and how it was designed to contact customer service without having to leave the business’ application.

>> [MUSIC]

So let me give you a scenario I run into all the time. I may be on my mobile device and I'm on a business' website or I'm on their application. And now all of a sudden I need to get in touch with them. And of course it's not communication enabled, right?

So I have to first try to find the phone number somewhere in the application. And once I find it, I'm kind of doing the bobblehead of look at phone number, dial, look at phone number, dial, we all go through that.
>> We all go through that, exactly.
>> Your customers go through that as well.

They're now demanding this idea of the seamless engagement. So tell me a little bit about a particular one of your customers and what you've done for them.
>> So we had a client, Callaway Golf, that was looking to solve for that exact same problem.
>> Yep, I know, I use a lot of their golf balls by the way.

I've probably made them very wealthy.
>> So, we wanna make it easier for you to order new balls, that's for sure. So, we developed a video enabled mobile application for them. That allows the end user to connect to one of our live agents, whether at home or in the contact center.


>> Great, great, and I understand that you've actually brought that with you?
>> [CROSSTALK] I do, I can show you right here.
>> Perfect, so, this is just your normal phone, right?
>> Yep. We'll get to the application. Great. and I think we're gonna bring it up where I can see it.

So now you're actually in Callaway Golf's application.
>> I'm in Callaway Golf's app, I'm gonna log in.
>> Not Teleperformance or not Avaya.
>> I'm gonna just search here for a club.
>> Okay, I buy a lot of those from them too. Okay, and so now they bring up all their clubs on their website.


>> And then I'm able to connect directly to the agent from here. I have to options of selecting a two way video, one way video.
>> Wow.
>> Or voice only.
>> Right from inside the application?
>> Right from inside the application.
>> Wow, okay.
>> So we're connecting now.


>> Man man.
>> Just a second.
>> I'm gonna be in trouble.
>> Hello, Lyle, thank you for calling Callaway Golf. My name is Becky, how may I assist you today?
>> Hi, Becky, you're live on Enterprise Connect.
>> Hi, Becky.
>> Wave to everybody.
>> [LAUGH]
>> Hi everyone.


>> I don't know how many boxes of balls you sold me before, Becky, but I'm sure I'll be back to you soon, great.
>> Thanks, Becky. Wow, so what you did was for Callaway Golf, you helped develop their application for them. And you actually put the customer engagement application or the customer engagement communications right inside of their application.


>> And here's the key point Gary, using Collaboratory, the engagement development platform from Avaya. We were able to do that in two days with a single engineer, very simple.
>> I don't think I heard you right, how long?
>> Two days, one engineer.
>> Two days.
>> So you took their existing application, wow.


>> And I had a chance to meet Evan, your engineer, smart guy, and he was pretty impressed with really how easy that was to do.
>> We've done it with some of our other partners and nothing was as easy as using Collaboratory.
>> Well, that is fantastic.

Great Lyle, thank you very much.
>> Thanks.
>> Okay.

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