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Avaya Breeze Get it Done Video

Avaya Breeze is a development environment that helps you use your resources in a new ways to become more agile and responsive. Avaya Breeze snap-ins are preprogrammed to address your most common engagement challenges. Snap-ins for a logistics company would automatically distribute information on shipment delays to proactively solve customer service issues, and snap-ins for a high school would increase graduation rates by identifying at-risk students and by coordinating responses by teachers, staff and parents. Learn what Avaya Breeze can do for your business today.

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You have lots of information available to you. About your business, your markets, your customers, your competitors and you have smart people working for you. Sales and service team, managers, subject matter experts, partners. But do you have a way to get everything working together? To engage the right data, the right people in the right place, for the right customer.

You do now. Get it done with Avaya Breeze. It's a development environment that helps you use your resources in new ways to become more agile and responsive. Direct and redirect how information flows through your organization. Extract data from conversations, interactions, transactions, find the right resources with the right knowledge.

With Avaya Breeze you can get all of this done now, without the need for specialized programming expertise. That's because Avaya Breeze has snap-ins that are pre-programmed to address your most common engagement challenges. Like the insurance broker, who now quickly identifies high value customers to get preferential handling. The bank, that monitors the exact words used on customer calls to automatically ensure regulatory compliance.

The logistics organization that automatically distributes information on shipment delays, to proactively resolve customer service issues before they become customer service problems. The IT department that increases uptime by automatically assembling teams based on global work schedules and time zones. The hospital that automates pre-admittance and post-discharge messages to patients.

The high school that increases graduation rates by identifying at risk students and coordinating responses by teachers, staff, and parents. Different organizations, different needs, but now achieving better outcomes because they have a new and better way to get their critical resources engaged, solving challenges and realizing value. Learn more by downloading our free guide to business uses for Avaya Breeze.

It has dozens of examples and that's just scratching the surface. What would you like to do right now? Make better use of your resources? Make your organization more agile and responsive, using the latest engagement capabilities? Talk to your Avaya representative. See how Avaya Breeze will make it possible for you, to get it done.

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