Avaya Breeze Customer Service Scenario

Avaya Breeze is a new way to design, build, and implement communications applications. Customer experience is all about getting the connections working together for every customer, every time, and every device. Applications in your business such as event triggers, dynamic team formation, and prioritized customer communications can be enhanced with the latest collaboration and engagement capabilities.

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To deliver a really great customer experience, it's not simply about connecting with customers. It's about getting all the connections working together. For every customer, every time, on every device. That's the idea behind Avaya Breeze. It lets you easily assemble all the elements of a great customer engagement solution, and get them all working together to meet the needs of a customer like Susan.

Susan has a new refrigerator that looks great in her kitchen and has the features she's always wanted. But it's been installed and running for hours now, and the freezer compartment still hasn't frozen. So as she's completing the product registration online, Susan notices that there's a Click to Call option, and decides to get some answers right away.

Susan's registration page information travels with her call, including the make and model of the refrigerator, and her problem with the freezer compartment. This information makes it possible to assign Susan's call to the right person. In this case, to Gary, the product specialist for that line of refrigerators. Gary scans all the relevant information Susan has provided.

As Gary starts troubleshooting the problem with Susan, a realtime speech monitor listening in on the call picks up on the words fluctuating temperature, and instantly generates a list of recently resolved trouble reports on that very issue. Using this information, Gary is able to solve Susan's problem within minutes.

And it was all put together with Avaya Breeze. Avaya Breeze is a new way to design, build and implement communications applications. It provides developers with a comprehensive set of capabilities, tools that can be arranged and rearranged to deliver a wide range of team and customer engagement experiences. In the contact center and across the entire enterprise.

At the heart of Avaya Breeze is the Graphical Engagement Designer Development tool. With a simple drag and drop action you can assemble all of the actions that need to take place, set start, stop and other parameters, establish tasks, integrate with business processes, link to data resources. Take full advantage of notifications and communications.

Get the right resource engaged at the right time, every time, without unnecessary transfers, using the Work Assignment snap-in. Capture and analyze customer data with the Avaya Context Store. Simplify click-to-call capabilities with WEB RTC, and relying on Avaya real-time speech to scan for key words during interactions, and then monitor a guide and provide recommendations.

Once the capabilities are assembled, the same sequence can be used over and over, to communications-enable a wide range of business processes. Think about all the applications in your business that can be enhanced with the latest collaboration and customer engagement capabilities. Then talk to your Avaya representative about taking advantage of a development environment you can use to start building these capabilities today.

Avaya Breeze. Another way to transform your business, one great interaction at a time.