Avaya Aura Contact Center and Proactive Outreach Manager

More than other solutions in the market, Avaya can help your business achieve more live transactions per hour, realize higher agent productivity and lower cost per contact, reach higher returns on investment, and receive faster payback.

>> Live in a socially networked world where your customers openly share their personal experiences. If you make them happy, the news travels fast, if you upset them, it travels even faster. What customers say about you online is tied more tightly than ever to your brand and revenues, that's why it's so important today to be proactive about forging strong relationships and inspiring deep loyalty.

Outbound contacts can transform your customer care by reaching out the customers in meaningful ways. Think personalized service like that is too costly? Avaya proactive contact is a proven way to add personal touches like these, while keeping costs low. Avaya has a 25 year track record of leadership in contact center and outbound customer care solutions.

How has Avaya proactive contact stayed at the top for so long? By helping clients achieve their business goals faster, and by delivering an unrivaled return on investment. Our latest release is a 15th generation application, it's a complete suite of hardware and software that's been deployed around the world.

Transforming outbound campaigns into effective revenue generating customer interactions. Avaya Proactive Contact uses the fastest most accurate call detection and the most advanced call pacing algorithms available today. Together these powerhouses of automation help organizations achieve more large transactions, realize higher agent productivity, reach higher returns on investment. And receive faster payback than any other solution in the marketplace, and we've got the numbers to prove it.

Our 98.9% call detection accuracy delivers the highest percentage of live contacts to agents. Our system reliability exceeds 99.9%, a statistic that's based on eight years of customer support records. Our predictive dialing algorithms minimize the time agents are idle between live contacts, helping them be more productive. And our blending capabilities convert non-productive agent ready time into valuable customer interaction time.

Over the past 25 years world class companies have relied on Avaya Proactive Contact, like them, you can quickly achieve your business goals and reduce costs with the freedom to contact your customers in ways that engender loyalty and greater customer satisfaction. Rather than wait to react to your customer's needs, you can be proactive with relevant services, information, and offers that work best for you and them.

You too can implement timely alerts and notifications, cross-sell and upsell offers, billing reminders, and early collection campaigns, all from one application. How do you ensure your customers spread only good news about your company? Be proactive, take control, and give them excellent experiences no competitor can match, with Proactive Contact from Avaya.