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Customer care has evolved. Companies that don’t consistently delight customers with holistic, informed, and proactive care risk losing customers. See how Avaya Aura Call Center Elite Multichannel can help you maximize your customer experience.

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Next generation customer care is all about experience management. Increased competition, erratic customer demographics, and the unstoppable growth of social media popularity make it necessary to deliver the very best customer experience, service, and support. When conducting business, or deciding on organizations with which to do business, today's consumers expect easy, multimodal access to those organizations.

They want to be recognized and they want personalized care. That's why customer care has evolved from the classic voice only call center to the new contact centers, whose channels now include email, web chat, instant messaging. Text, social media, and video. Companies that don't consistently delight their potential or existing customers with holistic, informed and proactive care, will risk losing their customers.

Clearly, customer care has evolved from the realm of passive post-purchase support, to a business critical activity, and a weapon in the competitive arsenal.


While elite multi-channel offers many non-voice channel options for customer service, voice calling continues to be the most widely chosen method. That's why Elite multichannel provides an easy-to-use interface to facilitate call handling and integration to customer back office, and CRN systems. The Elite multi-channel call routing server intelligently routes all in-bound contacts based on call data matched with customer information, contact center statistics, or agent availability and then issues routing instructions.

As the call is delivered, an agent receives a screen pop from the CRM system on their computer desktop, allowing them to quickly review the relevant customer information before they begin speaking with the customer. By seamlessly blending inbound with other channels, businesses can improve agent productivity, while simultaneously increasing revenue opportunities.

Let's say, upon comparing different types of loans on her bank's website, a customer chooses to connect with a live agent and is presented with plenty of options in which to do so. She can use text, instant message, email, schedule a convenient time for a call back, or just click to call now.

She chooses the call back option, then proceeds to enter her information, reason for the call, and submits her request. Her request is routed to the most appropriate agent using skill based, or dynamic routing rules, defined by business advocate. At the requested callback time, the agent receives a screen pop, reviews the customer's information, and clicks to initiate the call, ensuring that customers receive the utmost level of service at their convenience.


The number of customers that prefer to interact with businesses through channels other than voice, such as email, is increasing. Elite multi-channel email and web chat are handled using the same sophisticated routing algorithms and resource management that has been developed over many years to handle incoming voice calls. In addition, the reports that have been used to measure the efficiency and effectiveness of the contact center can also be applied.

And best of all, contact types are seamlessly managed by customer service representatives using a single agent desktop. In this example, a customer is trying to book a trip and needs further information on dates and availability, so he goes to the contact us page and decides to send an email.

He completes the predefined email form with his information and a short description of his request. Then sends the message, which is immediately routed to the most appropriate agent. The agent receives notification of the incoming email and accepts the request. After reviewing the customers information, the agent clicks to reply to the email and is then given a choice to enter their own response, or choose from a list pre-populated email templates.

Meanwhile, another customer decides to connect with an agent via web chat by selecting to chat with a live agent, then entering her information and submitting the chat request. The web chat is automatically queued, and the customer receives an automated response that a customer service representative will be available to help momentarily.

The web chat contact is routed to the same agent that is handling the previous email response. The agent accepts the web chat and is now connected with the customer. Elite multichannel allows agents to handle multiple contact types simultaneously and the contact center manager is able to control which contacts and the number of contacts each agent handles.

Elite multi-channel is a flexible solution that allows business system to add additional channels to their existing call center elite deployment, while preserving their co-routing and reporting investments extending the best possible experience the customers with varying preferences.


A viaCall management system, or CMS, provides the data and management information that businesses require to support superior customer service. CMS provides over 200 standard reports,including real-time and historical views, along with the ability to customize and develop new reports. Since Elite Mulit-Channel uses call center elite contact routing, CMS treats the non-voice contacts just like any other skill set and gives supervisors the ability to monitor and manage all types of contacts regardless of the media type.

Typical content such as number of contacts waiting, handling time or agent availability are presented across all media types in the Avaya supervisor interface. In addition to the rich set of data metrics delivered by CMCMS, Elite Multi-channel also provides access to an SQL reporting repository, which provides a subset of the realtime and historical CMS reports, and additional context and information, particularly for the voice channels.

Information such as the transcript of a chat session or thread of an email conversation is available through custom SQL reporting or as part of customer or agent history at the agent desktop. Work codes and notes are stored in this repository and can be accessed through reporting and history at the desktop as well.

So whether you're an existing call center elite user looking to add new customer contact channels, or if you're a new customer considering the elite solution for the first time, elite multi-channel will allow you to maximize the customer experience through a unified multi-channel contact center.