Avaya and Salesforce Global Alliance

Avaya, the worldwide leader in contact center solutions, and Salesforce, the global leader in CRM and cloud conversational services, team up to deliver integrated customer engagement and CRM solutions that boost customer experiences and satisfaction.

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Avaya, the worldwide leader in contact center solutions and the specialist in customer engagement, is thrilled to be expanding it's alliance with Salesforce, the global leader in customer relationship management. And the specialist in cloud conversational service to turn average customer agent engagements into exceptional experiences. 8 out of 10 consumers indicate that they would be more loyal to an organization if they were easier to deal with.

This has already been proven by the 80% of companies claiming significant profit increases. Because they focused on providing exceptional cross-channel customer experiences through their contact centers as a competitive differentiator.


However, the ability to elevate customer experiences to competitive differentiator status involves expanding the scope of the contact center. Success can be accelerated with a deeper connection between the contact center and CRM, which, as leaders in their fields, is something Salesforce and Avaya know better than anyone. The Avaya CRM Connector, built on Avaya Breeze open application development platform, has been specifically designed by Avaya with Saleforce users in mind who understand the value of having their customer experiences be their competitive differentiator.

Now your agents can serve customers seamlessly, with a single, unified view of all the channels the customer is engaging on, directly from within the Salesforce user interface. With features such as screen pops, click to call, preview and predictive dialing, and screen transfers. Avaya customer engagement, along with complete contact sensitive access to customer data provides faster, more accurate, and personalized customer lifetime value.

While increasing agent productivity and reducing costs. Everything is at the agent's fingertips, and there's no need to flip between screens or shrink and expand multiple windows while working with a customer. Agents can be more productive, and your customers will get the level of personalized service they expect. Combined with Avaya Oceana multi-channel routing, the whole experience effortlessly transforms with any communication channel used.

A chat interaction can be effortlessly converted into a voice conversation, for example. By improving contextual insight, we help you put your customers first, so they have a more positive experience, no matter which channel they choose to interact with. Working closely with your Salesforce account team, Avaya's ervices will help you devise a plan that works for you.

And will continue to be with you every step of the way, to help you achieve your business outcomes. Let us help you take your customer engagement strategy to the next level. Grow your revenue, elevate customer satisfaction, differentiate your brand, improve agent efficiency. Avaya and Salesforce, stronger together.