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Avaya & Google Cloud Contact Center AI

Avaya and Google Cloud partner to transform your contact center and customer experience with AI solutions that bring listening and natural, meaningful responses into your interactions.

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In your contact center, you're looking to add more self-service automation experiences. But instead of the traditional and highly structured IVR with its hierarchical menus.
>> Press one for sales, two for service.
>> And can responses.
>> You have a question about your bill is that what you are calling about?


>> You want to make greater use of AI. So instead of frustrating customers, you win them over with experiences that are conversational and engaging. Similar to what they are now used to with other natural language tools and comparable to what they experience with your live agents. With Avaya Virtual Assistant and Avaya Agent Advisor both developed with Google Cloud you can start doing that today.

Utilizing AI from Avaya and Google Cloud makes it possible to replace the structured IVR experience. With a virtual assistant capable of really listening to your customers and responding, picking out keywords.
>> You're seeing an increase in your bill.
>> Understanding intents and sentiment.
>> I understand your concern.


>> And, delivering a response that's personalized and proactive.
>> I can look into that right now.
>> Able to search for information and easily incorporate that into the conversation.
>> I see from your account you were being billed at a promotional rate. That promotion has ended. We just introduced two new plans.

Would you like to hear about them?
>> Including when appropriate seamlessly escalating the interaction to a live agent. When that happens all the history and context of the call goes to Avaya Agent Advisor which continues mining the conversation. And based on what the caller is saying fetching content, suggesting responses, staying with your agents for the entire interaction.

Helping them deliver the smart, differentiated service today's customers expect. Talk to Avaya whether the solution is self-service or agent-assisted, Avaya and Google Cloud bring you the AI capabilities you need to delight your customers, support your agents, and deliver experiences that truly matter.