Avaya & Google Cloud Contact Center AI for Healthcare

Avaya & Google Cloud partner to transform the healthcare experience with AI capabilities. Improve experiences for both patients and staff. This is how to deliver experiences that truly matter.

>> [MUSIC] In healthcare, a patient's experience extends far beyond the doctor's visit. They want a connection with someone who knows how to handle their needs in and out of the clinic in an effective and timely manner. However, many of today's patient experiences can be inefficient, overwhelming, and frustrating. Providers need to find a way to connect with patients outside of their appointments. Make patient information readily available so they have past history right at hand and are able to handle the many communication channels while prioritizing patients based on urgency. Google Cloud and Avaya have partnered to solve for a better patient experience with Contact Center AI. With Contact Center AI, healthcare providers can now deliver personalized patient care anytime, anywhere, on any channel for higher-quality outcomes for their patients. Let's follow along with Dave, a fictional character who just had knee surgery with Dr. Kelly and as part of her practices remote patient management program. The program allows Dr. Kelly to have continuous insights into Dave's current status even while he recovers in the comfort of his own home. With the remote patient management program and real-time smart device monitoring, Dr. Kelly can personalize Dave's profile with his preferred communications methods. She can also automatically collect Dave's latest smart device information such as steps, heart rate, sleep, and blood pressure. Dr. Kelly's office receives an alert from Dave's smart device indicating that his heart rate has exceeded the threshold set by Dr. Kelly. Dave is notified by an automated outbound communication and he is connected to a virtual agent to collect any additional symptoms he may be experiencing. The virtual agent can help determine if he requires medical attention. Based on the symptoms, Dave is identified as a moderate risk and is seamlessly connected to the most qualified and available nurse. Nurse Mark joins the conversation with Dave and is able to see the transcript of Dave's interaction with the virtual agent, his patient profile, and up-to-date vitals from the smart device. Agent assist guides the nurse throughout the patient's entire journey to effectively triage the patient's condition, then provides patient-specific information appropriate to his symptoms, medication, and care plan. This entire process is also transcribed for a complete record. After talking to Dave, nurse Mark determines that Dave's elevated heart rate is not the result of a medical emergency. Rather, it's a new medication that was prescribed to reduce his risk of a blood clot. Nurse, Mark sends Dr. Kelly a request to adjust Dave's medication. He also triggers an SMS text message to be sent to Dave in 24 hours to monitor his pain level, capture a photograph of his knee, and document any new symptoms. Together, Google Cloud and Avaya are able to provide proactive remote patient management care with Contact Center AI integrated with IoT technologies. The solution ensures Dr. Kelly and her staff are equipped with the proper tools to provide Dave with the exceptional care he needs throughout his entire patient journey. Dave is a happy, [NOISE] satisfied patient who is well on his way to a full recovery. He readily refers his friends to Dr. Kelly's practice. Dr. Kelly is happy because she is able to provide enhanced remote care to more patients while also creating better patient outcomes, reducing costs, and improving operational efficiency and digital care coordination. Together, Google Cloud and Avaya bring you the capabilities you need to delight your patients, support your staff and deliver experiences that truly matter. Reach out to your Google Cloud or Avaya representative today to learn more and put Contact Center AI into action.