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The Avaya AI-Enabled Customer Journey

See how AI can help improve your customers’ experience and your agents’ productivity throughout their entire journey.

>> Shopping, buying things, it's always been about getting the right product. But it's also always been about the experience. And today, with people juggling so many interactions on so many devices, the investment you make now in integrating, streamlining, and most importantly, personalizing those experiences is what's going to drive brand loyalty and lead to revenue and profit growth.

Let Avaya show you how to create memorable experiences for a customer like Trisha. She's one of the top sales performers at her company and a dedicated shopper who values quality and personal service. It's Monday morning, she's about to head out of town on a business trip, and before leaving, wants to quickly exchange something she previously bought online.

Doing that on a mobile phone can be frustrating. But with an Avaya solution, you can instantly detect that a call is coming from a mobile device and offer appropriate options, including a self-service web experience designed for mobile users, an AI enabled virtual assistant and always access to a live agent.

Trisha chooses the virtual assistant equipped with AI. It's ready to handle interactions exactly like this one in a natural conversational way.
>> Hi Trisha, are you calling about your Tuesday, December 7-
>> Within a few moments, Trisha has handled the return and is on her way. On the ride to the airport, Trisha wants to connect with her financial advisor to discuss recent tax law changes.

Via solution takes the call, authenticates Trisha via voice and facial recognition, invites her to explain what she's calling about, and then routes Trisha to her financial adviser. During the discussion, the conversational intelligence picks up on the spoken words tax law and tax implications and provides relevant content so the financial advisor can provide Trisha with a quick update, allowing her to get on her way.

That night at her hotel, Trisha remember she's in charge of planning a reunion weekend with friends from college and it's coming up soon, she calls a well-known resort she thinks would be perfect. Instead of just assigning any agent to the call, the resort has an Avaya solution that uses AI to pair collars with the best agent to create the most personal connection.

In moments, Trisha sees that her reunion weekend is in good hands. You know what your customers want. You have the resources, your agents, their talent and the information to deliver it. Avaya helps you bring it all together, connecting the best resources for each call, pulling information from your databases, enhancing the experience even before your customers speak with you.

Equipping agents with integrated desktops, providing the tools and props to handle any inquiry easily, providing the analytics you need to keep learning and fine tuning your processes. There's a reason why Avaya is the global leader in customer experience. We know what it takes to align your people, processes and applications to deliver experiences to put your customers first, however, they want to engage with you.

And we help companies all over the world do it every day on millions of customer interactions. Talk to your Avaya, or partner representative, see firsthand the difference Avaya can make in the customer experience that you deliver.