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AI Routing goes Mainstream – Avaya AI Routing with Afiniti AiRo

Organizations of all sizes and industries can now use AI to identify subtle, valuable patterns of human interactions to pair callers with the best agents to create a personal connection and deliver real results.

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Look at the contact centers that are seeing real gains in performance and customer experience today. And you're likely to see AI playing a big role. With AI based behavioral pairing from Afiniti, you can take the information you already have about your customers, combine it with data from external sources.

And using subtle human behavioral patterns captured across millions of customer interactions, pair callers with the best agent. To create a personal connection and positive experiences that will lead to real, measurable results. For banks, pairing agents and customers this way has led to measurable gains in revenues and cross-selling.

In the hospitality industry, it's meant significant improvements in guest experience and reservations. And in the highly competitive world of media and communications, service providers who get the agent-caller pairing right sign up more subscribers and, just as important, keep them longer. Now Avaya and Afiniti are making AI behavioral pairing even more accessible.

Introducing Avaya AI Routing with Afiniti AiRo. Delivering native integration into Avaya intelligent experiences contact centers with as few as 30 agents. Native integration simplifies and speeds the setup, and preserves your existing reporting. A centralized self-service portal makes the solution easy to manage, including by individual lines of business groups.

Leverage all your data, telephony attributes pulled from internal systems like CRM and ERP, as well as external data. Simulate AI models that will deliver maximum gain in targeted KPIs like accounts receivable, average handle time, and first contact resolution. Then put everything into action and see the results. All the benefits of AI-based behavioral pairing, natively integrated, easily accessible, and under your control.

Delivering the results and experiences that matter to you and to your customer. Talk with us, see how you can put Avaya AI routing with Afiniti AiRo to work today.