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Advanced Breeze Techniques Video-Part 3

This video describes how to add multimodal communications and parallel gateways to Breeze Snap-Ins.

>> Hi, and welcome to Advanced Avaya Breeze Techniques Part 3. My name is Andrew Prokop, and I work at Arrow Systems Integration as a communications consultant, and ukulele enthusiast. Today I want to talk about adding SMS text and email to a Breeze Snap-in. I've certainly mentioned both forms of contact in previous videos, and spend some time showing you the basics of the web text, SMS Text Connector in Part 2 of this advanced video series.

In this video, I will build a very simple, multimodal communications workflow that is launched by a RESTful Web Services call from Google Postman. To make things a little more interesting, I will also introduce you to the parallel gateway task. Let's get started. I will begin this workflow by opening up the start task and setting the event family to a special event I created just for this video.

That would be Lab Event. Lab event contains lab launch which is defined by a schema that contains the basic information to watch voice, text, and email snap-ins. It's currently at version 1.0. Once the event is set we can now open up output mapping to see those data values.

So I see my collate, my subject, my message body, various values that will be used in a multimodal communications workflow. Okay, let's start with the parallel gateway. The parallel gateway allows me to do multiple things at the same time. So from start, I go to parallel gateway. Well, what are the two things that I want to do?

I want to send an email, and I want to send a text message. Let's connect things up together. Connect this one together. Open up Send Email, I want to set the property. So, input mapping. I can now go to the start scheme, which is the event that I set, go and to that coming in to the start event and I can pull over the email recipient.

I can pull over email sender. I could pull over subject. Lastly, the message body. We'll save that. Hit OK. Let's do something very similar for my text message task. So we'll start Schema. I have my SMS sender. I have an SMS recipient. Now will we use the same message body.

And hit Save and OK. There are two uses for a parallel gateway. The first was to launch two tasks, or multiple tasks at the same time. The other is to wait for them to complete. So if I add another parallel gateway and I connect my send email, and I connect my send text message, it will now wait for both of those to complete.

In this simple task, they're both going to just do what they're supposed to do and then that's it. But imagine a more complicated thread, and you want to wait for all those threads to complete before you continue on with the workflow. And my continue on with the workflow in this case, is really going to be just an entrance.

It will bring its workflow to an end. Okay, let's save this workflow. Save it to my Prokup directory. Lets give it a name. How about some mobicomworkflow. We need to deploy the workflow. And the workflow has been deployed to my breeze cluster. I will now use Google Postman to externally launch my workflow.

If you were unfamiliar with this technique, please refer to video six in my introduction to Avaya Breeze found on the Arrow System's Integration YouTube channel. To speed things along, I've already created a restful post command using the lab event and populate it with a bunch of data that I can use to launch my workbook so.

Family type version relate to the event. And the event body contains all sorts of information that I can pass in to some generic tasks. Specifically, I'm passing the email and the SMS text information. I can now press Send to send this post command to Breeze and then eventually to my Snap-in.

So the command has been sent. There we heard the little tweet, that was my cell phone telling me that I have an incoming text message, which came from my Breeze application. With that, I will end this video. There are a number of important takeaways from this installment. But one of the most important is that Breeze is by no means limited to telephony.

While making and intercepting telephone calls is very important, I probably send more texts and emails throughout the day than call someone on either my wired or wireless telephones. For future Breeze videos, please subscribe to the Arrow Systems Integration YouTube channel. Bye for now.
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