Accelerate Your Business with Avaya Workplace

See how Avaya Workplace accelerates the speed of business.

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Traveling at the speed of business working, connecting, collaborating. Today it's not about the where, or the how, or the device, it's about the experience, getting the tools you need, the way you need them. Fitting into the way you work, going as fast as you need to go, simply, efficiently with one click.

That's Avaya IX Workplace. It's redefining communications, taking what you rely on now, and taking away the barriers, see your day unfold before you all in one place. Respond with one touch, call, message, meet, share in the way that works best for you, anytime, anywhere. Accessible in your browser, integrated into your applications, ready to go on your device.

It's a new kind of communications experience, simple, seamless, transparent, in context, user defined. When giving your employees the tools they need to travel at the speed of business really matters, when the experience matters, trust Avaya.