5 Avaya OneCloud Solutions for Retailers

Consumers expect interactions with retailers to be simple and seamless. Avaya OneCloud allows you to create the solutions you need to keep up with changing consumer expectations. Watch this video to learn five ways you can use Avaya OneCloud to adapt and personalize communications to your customers.

>> [MUSIC] Successful retailers today know that the key to sales growth is making any interaction on any touch point as simple and seamless as possible. But constantly adapting online and mobile services, keeping up with new products, promotion, seasonal buying patterns, new employees, and more is a huge challenge. To get that kind of flexibility, more retailers are turning to composable solutions available through Avaya OneCloud. Interested? Here are five examples of how retailers are using Avaya OneCloud. These include customer hotlines, communications enabled salesforce, streamlining workflows, enhancing curbside pickup, and proactive outreach across the customer lifecycle. Avaya OneCloud makes it easy to equip inbound toll-free lines with advanced analytics to recognize why customers are calling, process inputs in real-time, monitor transaction sentiment, and get the caller efficiently connected to the people and resources they need. Communications enable your sales floor by equipping new hires and seasoned veterans with the tools to fully engage customers, manage the latest promotions and meet quotas, adapt workflows, streamlining inventory lookups, drop shipping and invoicing, and keep evolving as processes change. Take curbside pickup to the next level with interactive communications, queue management, and custom forums. Replace generic shopper updates with tailored lifecycle outreach, intelligently adapting and personalizing communications to wherever your customers are on their journey. Avaya OneCloud solutions are completely composable. Avaya can personalize these solutions to meet your specific business needs in a few hours, all you need to do is subscribe to them in the Cloud. They're also scalable adapting to your usage pattern and you only pay for what you use. Ready to start delivering the smarter, easier communications experiences your customers are looking for? Connect on avaya.com or contact your Avaya representative to see what Avaya OneCloud can do for you. [MUSIC]