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5 Avaya OneCloud Solutions for Government Agencies

Citizens expect government agencies to provide them with seamless ways to interact and transact. Avaya OneCloud allows you to create the solutions you need to keep up with changing citizen expectations. Watch this video to learn five ways you can use Avaya OneCloud to deliver positive experiences in the public sector.

>> [MUSIC] When people and businesses interact with government agencies today, they want the same simple, seamless transactions on any touch point that they're increasingly experiencing in the private sector. Now, with Avaya OneCloud, public sector agencies can get the composable Cloud solutions they need to do exactly that. Interested? Here are five examples of how government agencies are using Avaya OneCloud. These include 911 services, intelligence, citizen hotlines, simplifying service delivery, COVID-19 response, and proactive communications. For emergency notification services, Avaya OneCloud can provide pinpoint location details via phone, text, and video. First responders can respond accurately and safely. You can set up hotlines with advanced analytics that can intelligently interact with callers, process inputs, monitor sentiment, and connect people to the information they need. Use OneCloud to simplify interactions such as applying for government programs and providing data people and businesses need. Avaya OneCloud makes it possible to subscribe to personalize COVID-19 response solutions, including contact tracing and vaccine administration. Avaya OneCloud gives you a full set of proactive outreach tools for rapidly conveying information on things like new services, revenue collection and crisis updates. Avaya OneCloud solutions are completely composable. Avaya can personalize these solutions to meet your specific business needs in a few hours, all you need to do is subscribe to them in the Cloud. There are also scalable adapting to your usage pattern and you only pay for what you use. Ready to start delivering the next-generation government services people and businesses expect today, connect on avaya.com or contact your Avaya representative to see what Avaya OneCloud can do for you. [MUSIC]