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Avaya Virtualization Solutions

Focus on better resource utilization within your Data Center. Avaya network virtualization solutions help keep costs low, let you stay flexible while simplifying IT processes, and provide scalability to small, midsize, and large enterprises. Avaya innovation defines a new way to build networks.

Virtualize Your Network with Avaya Fabric Connect

Create an agile, dynamic environment where new or changed services can be implemented on the fly—taking only minutes instead of days, weeks, or months. Avaya Fabric Connect eliminates complex protocol overlays, which allows faster recovery times and simplified management and troubleshooting. Support integrated Layer 2, Layer 3, routing, and multicast services with this single next-generation technology.

Fabric Connect improves network uptime. Never drop a VoIP call or lose a video call again. You’ll have sub-second recoveries for all Layer 2, Layer 3, routing, and multicast services.

Future Proof Your Network for Growth and New Technologies

Tackle bottlenecks within the network. A key benefit of the Avaya Fabric Connect virtualization solution is that the foundation is ready for future cloud, mobility, video, and network virtualization. Fabric Connect lets you virtualize both networking and forwarding in your data center or private cloud, thereby creating less operational overhead and more functionality.

Avaya provides network management solutions for evaluation, management, testing, and maintenance of data networks worldwide.

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