Avaya Network Operating System Software

Proven Software, Comprehensive Support, Innovative Features

Avaya Private Label Switching

Avaya’s flagship networking operating system software is now available on industry standard hardware for specialized solutions providers. This is the industry’s first disaggregation model that offers proven, pre-integrated and fully supported software on industry standard hardware.

A Different Business Model

Avaya Networking Operating System combines the benefits of white-box economics with the dependability of branded products and support. Avaya brings together our network operating system, management tools, and Avaya-backed support services on industry standard hardware that can carry your brand name. Our Private Label Switching solution costs less than vendor-branded switches and is offered in a simplified construct.

A Different Business Model

Build a Uniquely Competitive Solution

Now you can offer a full-featured and fully-supported switch, plus gain features that are wholly unique in the industry, like:

  • Network-wide hyper-segmentation
  • SDN edge-only programmability
  • Automated multicast topologies
  • Native data center interconnect
  • Active-active resiliency 

Where white-box and brite-box switches combine multiple vendor brands and limited support options, Avaya’s solution carries your brand with the confidence of Avaya Data Networking Support Services. Your customers not only benefit from receiving full service support from Avaya, but gain the financial advantages of a pure white-box model.

To become a solutions provider selling the Avaya Network Operating System on private label hardware, please contact us to set up a discovery meeting. And visit Delta Networks, Inc., an Original Design Manufacturer offering Avaya’s Network OS, to view their DSG switching portfolio.