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Swegon is Creating the Right Climate for Growth with Avaya's Private Cloud

Swegon GmbH
Swegon GmbH


  • Need to efficiently collaborate across multiple locations

  • Ability for sales staff to stay connected while on the road

  • Need to reduce the burden on a lean IT staff

Value Created

  • Provision of a single, nationwide communication landscape from the Private Cloud

  • Redundant, high availability infrastructure

  • Efficient cross-site collaboration

  • Access to personal work environment regardless of location

  • Low administration costs

  • Flexible options for expansion

  • Improved knowledge transfer

  • Reduced travel costs

  • Planning security due to a defined port price list

  • Reliable support with the Managed Services contract

Managed Services Facilitate Administration and Cross-Site Collaboration

Is there a bad atmosphere in the office? Something can be done to combat that with Swegon, a Swedish company producing numerous solutions for creating a healthy, pleasant indoor climate. In Germany, Swegon Germany Gmbh provides its innovative products to trades and industries, government agencies, and companies. The distribution company also maintains nine regional centers across the Federal Republic of Germany. Using a communications solution from the Private Cloud, Swegon Germany is currently improving cross-site collaboration and is putting its own systems landscape on course for the future. Avaya is helping them do so.

When the star pianist Lang Lang develops new sound landscapes at the Hamburg Elbphilharmonie, when guests relax and lay their heads on their pillows in the Ramada Hotel in Berlin's Alexanderplatz, and when students at the Hümmeling High School in Sögel, Lower Saxony are highly concentrated on their education, they are able to thanks to products made by Swegon.

In hundreds of thousands of buildings worldwide, solutions from the Swedish group ensure that there is a healthy and comfortable interior climate. The Scandinavian market leader produces numerous high-performance air-conditioning systems ranging from tough air outlets to smart control technology, with around 70 percent of these systems being exported.

Swegon Germany GmbH is a distributor in Germany. The company was formed in 2015 from the divisions of Swegon Climate Systems and Swegon Ventilation, and in doing so they concentrated under one roof the sectors which cover ventilation, largescale and comfort air-conditioning, and humidification and de-humidification. This covers the group's entire range of atmospheric environment products. Because what grows together comes together in operational terms, the distribution company is moving its entire IT infrastructure to Avaya's Private Cloud.

“This makes administration and user support easier, while also making it possible for there to be ongoing flexible evolution for the company,” says Swegon system administrator Marcel Bajramovic, putting the real advantages in a nutshell. It is straightforward to integrate new subsidiaries into the company network via the Avaya Private Cloud, and for existing sites to be networked cost-effectively by Multi-Protocol Label Switching (MPLS). Furthermore, the redundantly designed data network from the Private Cloud takes care of maximum failure safety. This is extremely important for the distribution company. “Without a network there is no access to the company systems, and hence no possibility of processing orders,” explains the IT expert.

People today are working regardless of time and location… These flexible working worlds need to be mapped. Avaya provides the right infrastructure to do this.

Swegon GmbH

Excellent Bandwidth and Performance

Though the administration of the decentralized server landscape took a lot of time and caused a lot of stress in the past, today Avaya ensures there is outstanding performance and bandwidth, and it does so 'round the clock. In conjunction with virtual desktops, a centrally managed nationwide WLAN network, and a virtualized Avaya Aura Platform, the Cloud-based solution also provides multiple options for agile and cross-site operational procedures. “People today are working regardless of time and location, while also changing teams and areas of responsibility – especially in distribution. These flexible working worlds need to be mapped. Avaya provides the right infrastructure to do this,” says the IT expert.

Access to Data Regardless of Location

For example, a colleague from the regional center in Dusseldorf can now access e-mails, personal data, or applications when in an operational meeting in the German headquarters in Garching. “They can connect via our Springerworkstations or the company WLAN using an individual ID and can work as usual,” explains Bajramovic. “The only difference in his or her usual surroundings is the view from the window or the colleague at the neighboring desk.”

Callers get to speak with the contact they are looking for – regardless of where they are – using their direct phone number, and for outgoing calls the correct phone extension of the relevant Swegon employee is displayed. “This strengthens customer relationships,” Bajramovic says with true conviction. “With the dedicated phone number, the first time the phone rings customers and business partners alike know who it is, regardless of whether the colleague is calling from Berlin, Hamburg, or Mörfelden.” Moreover, Avaya Aura Presence Services and Avaya Equinox contribute to customer satisfaction.

The Unified Communications tools gather information from a variety of channels on a unified user interface. It can be seen at a glance whether the colleague is in the office or possibly on the phone. This constitutes a huge increase in the ability to provide information to customers.

With SIP protocol and Avaya Session Border Controller, cell phones can also be integrated where needed into the nationwide communication network. “An important advantage – particularly for our colleagues in sales who are always on the road,” says Heiko Grasse, who heads up cooling in the Swegon Business Area. In the future, the number of days spent traveling should also obviously be reduced. This will be achieved by utilizing the Scopia videoconferencing system from Avaya. The system is to be used both for cross-site project meetings and for sales training. “Currently we have two to three videoconferences a month, but clearly we want to increase that,” says Grasse.

Swegon GmbH

Today we take care of 200 workstations and our nationwide IT network for Swegon with only two staff members. Without Avaya's Managed Services it would be inconceivable.

Knowledge Transfer Using Videoconferencing

In Grasse’s opinion the solution pays for itself, and not only as a result of lower travel costs. “Scopia also contributes to improved knowledge transfer,” the leader of Swegon-BA Cooling is pleased to add. Whereas in the past new products were presented “en bloc” in the form of a quick walk-through, these days knowledge transfer via videoconferencing takes place more regularly and in a more compact manner. “It means that more sinks in and the quality of the advice improves.”

In the future, Scopia will also be used at the management level. Instead of traveling to Garching once a month, managers can meet up more frequently in a virtual meeting room. This means that management will have more time for operational tasks.

The enormous added value for sales, management, and service was initially underestimated by Swegon. They had only ordered the XT-240 single-station systems, but it quickly became clear that they really needed room systems with bigger monitors for all nine Swegon locations. “However, that was no problem at all: we just returned the small single-user systems and our Managed Service contract was extended to include the bigger Scopia-XT videoconferencing systems,” recalls Heiko Grasse.

This flexibility is one of the biggest advantages of Avaya's Managed Service offering, in the view of Swegon system administrator Marcel Bajramovic: “Instead of having the burden of writing off and disposing of unwanted hardware, we can simply swap them for new components,” he says. This means that, throughout the company, the corporate communication landscape is always up to date.

Another added value is that expenditure on administration and evolution of the systems landscape can be overseen. “Today we take care of 200 workstations and our nationwide IT network with just two staff members. Without Avaya's Managed Services it would be inconceivable,” extols Bajramovic.

At a Glance

  • As a supplier of integrated ventilation and air-conditioning systems, Swegon Germany GmbH ensures that its customers get healthy and comfortable interior climates. The demand is huge, and Swegon Germany is on the road to success.

  • As the basis for its flexible growth, Swegon has an improved IT infrastructure utilizing the Private Cloud and Managed Services: MPLS, nationwide WLAN, a virtualized Avaya Aura platform and the Scopia videoconference solution facilitate cross-site collaboration and pave the way for creating high levels of customer service and loyalty.

  • At the same time, Avaya's Managed Services enable flexible ongoing evolution for the company. The load on IT is lightened, allowing it to focus its energies on its core tasks.

Best Service for Staff and Customers

“Today we take care of 200 workstations and our nationwide IT network for Swegon with only two staff members. Without Avaya's Managed Services it would be inconceivable.” –Marcel Bajramovic, IT systems administrator, Swegon Germany GmbH.

“The Scopia videoconferencing solution from Avaya makes a contribution to improved knowledge transfer. Product training now takes place via videoconferencing more regularly and in a more compact manner. As a result more sinks in, and the quality of advice improves.” –Heiko Grasse, head of Business Area Cooling, Swegon Germany GmbH.

About Swegon Germany GmbH

Swegon is part of the Latour Group and is listed on the Swedish Stock Exchange. As one of the leading suppliers of integrated systems solutions for creating a healthy and comfortable indoor climate, Swegon AB employs approximately 2,200 people with an annual turnover of approximately 420 million euros. In 2015, the German distribution companies Swegon Climate Systems and Swegon Ventilation Systems brought together their approximately 230 employees to form Swegon Germany GmbH. As a nationwide provider of high-quality components for energy-saving ventilation and air-conditioning systems, Swegon Germany generates an annual turnover or around 62 million euros. In 2017 the company organized its different divisions into the four business areas of ventilation, cooling, service, and E-condition.
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