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A Win/Win for Fans and Avaya Stadium’s Cloud-Enabled Fan Engagement Wall

Fans came early and cheered all game long at the San Jose Earthquakes vs FC Dallas match. Quakes games are engaging on and off the field, and while most of the excitement was on the pitch, there was also a lot of action happening off the pitch at the new fan engagement wall. Fans engaged with each other, the team, Avaya technology, and even stayed after the final minutes… extending the lifecycle of the fan engagement experience at Avaya Stadium. 
Powered by Avaya’s cloud-based technology, the fan engagement wall offers fans an interactive, digital, and social experience that is changing the way fans shape their gameday experience. As an example for stadiums of the future, this innovative technology was exciting for fans of all ages; kids, teens, and adults interacted with the fan engagement wall by sharing their tweets and instagram photos in real-time through aggregated social media feeds showcasing how social and mobile are the connection between fans and teams.  
To help promote this new digital installation at Avaya Stadium, Avaya ran a fun contest where fans could participate by taking a selfie or group photo and posting it live to Instagram through the hashtags #Quakes74 and #AvayaStadium. Moments later, they were able to see their image live on the wall through Avaya’s cloud technology. In some cases, fans took it a step further to even take another picture of their Instagram picture once it showed up on the fan engagement wall, sort of like a “look there I am”!
Let’s take a look at some chatter:
  • “Oh! It’s like being on the big screen!” 
  • “It’s cool how EQ and Avaya were trying to put technology in the stadium that allows us to participate more.” 
  • “It’s great to come to a game where it feels like everyone cares about our experience.” 
  • “This is a cool way for getting fans to ‘whoop’ it up.”
  • “I think it’s a good way to get people involved and smart for the new generations.”
Throughout the day, fans continued to come back and forth to the wall to not only look for their pictures to show up, but also to see other fans photos and more information about our hometown heroes, the Quakes. We know that people love to see themselves… and we love to see them - happy, confident, and engaged. Fans use social media as a way to connect with other fans in the community as well as look for different opinions and angles of their gameday experience. 
Take for example, the very first goal at Avaya Stadium where Fatai Alashe netted in the first 5 minutes of the season home opener. Fans flocked to social media to share the special goal, but also to see other photographic viewpoints of the epic moment. And now, with the fan engagement wall, these moments can be shared live at the stadium!
The fan engagement wall is one of many Cloud-enabled fan engagement solutions coming to Avaya Stadium this year. First time visitors, new fans, and long-standing fans are able to connect and engage in a different and innovative way to enrich their personal fan experience. Through 21st Century technology, Avaya cares about the fans and making an immersive Silicon Valley experience for years to come. 
In case you missed it, check out the fan engagement wall at the next game June 16th for the Open Cup as the Earthquakes take on USL’s Sacramento Republic FC.

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