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Avaya Knows How To Throw the Best Game Ever!

Local sports events bring the community together. A ‘together’ community increases social bonds and meaningful connections. Gamedays act as regular, repeatable meeting places for parents, colleagues, friends, and family. Avaya Stadium and the San Jose Earthquakes are committed to the ongoing transformation of the fan experience in and around the stadium as well as the transformation of the surrounding community to make the areas nearby a great place to live, work, gather, and celebrate.

Serving as a world class stadium for world class fans, in addition to the San Jose Earthquakes games, the venue also serves as home turf to other events throughout the year. The stadium is a catalyst for empowering the team sports nature, positive attitudes and a sense of community by connecting everyone to everything.

In the spirit of the @Quakes74, #WeAreSanJose, and #AvayaSports passion for coming together to support the growth of sports for our youth, we are presenting the ‘Best Game Ever’!

The 4th annual event @AvayaStadium invites two youth soccer teams to participate in a match-up on the turf… major league style. The two teams facing-off this year are the Monterey Condors and Winchester Select, both representing youth soccer players age 10-12 years old.

To be selected for the ‘big game’, each team submitted an essay explaining why they wanted and deserved their spot to play on the pitch, under the big lights, in the cleat marks of the Earthquakes players. In addition to their match, the teams will be surprised with an all-access tour and full walkout experience.

Team Avaya representatives will also be on-site volunteering to make the experience even more special by taking up roles to cheer-on, shag balls, and sing the National Anthem. We believe in people and place serving as a great facilitator for community engagement and interaction, helping to build stronger bonds in these neighborhoods.

The match can be viewed live on Saturday, June 23, 2018.

Fan and community engagement goes beyond the ‘Best Game Ever’ at Avaya Stadium. Other great opportunities for fan activation continue throughout the year with some interesting events around our community. Check these out:

  • Saturday, June 30th the inter-state match against LA Galaxy @ Stanford Stadium
  • Sunday, July 8th the Tour Aguila match between Mexican sides Club América and Monarcas Morelia
  • Friday, July 20th the inaugural Shake, Rattle & Hold ‘em Poker tournament at Club Auto Sport hosted by the Quakes Foundation
  • Saturday, July 22nd the inter-league friendly match against Manchester United @ Levi’s Stadium

Halfway through the regular MLS season, the Quakes next home game will be Wednesday July 25th against the Seattle Sounders and we’re looking forward delivering the type of technologically advanced gameday and event experiences the fans have come to expect at the first cloud-enabled stadium in the MLS.

Operating as a multi-use sports arena, Avaya Stadium can host different leagues and events all year long where fans can immerse themselves in a smart connected stadium experience. We’ll see you out there… at the epicenter of innovation in Major League Soccer and sports in the Bay Area.

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