Video Surveillance

Improve Video Availability and Quality While Eliminating Network Complexity

A New Standard in Simplicity, Scalability, and Performance

  • Launch your next video surveillance project without worrying about traditional limitations of the underlying network. Resolve long camera re-convergence times, scalability restrictions, security concerns, and the labor-intensive process of provisioning IP services.
  • Realize the full potential of your equipment with a networking solution that really steps up to the demands of modern video surveillance applications. Avaya Video Surveillance, with its underlying Fabric Connect technology, provides a standards-based solution that supports the high levels of performance that quality video equipment is actually built to deliver.

Massive Scaling for More Cameras and Video Streams

Break through the limits of a few thousand cameras/video streams. Avaya Video Surveillance supports tens of thousands of video streams.

Fast Recovery Times

Lightning fast, sub-second recovery (<200 msec) helps ensure video is always available.

Trade Complexity for Simplicity with Avaya Fabric Connect

IP Multicast routing can be difficult to design, complicated to deploy, painful to troubleshoot, and challenging to scale. The Avaya Video Surveillance solution eliminates that complexity, allowing for simple, fast provisioning.

Customer Story
City of Troy

“I sleep a lot better now, knowing that our video surveillance is on an Avaya network.”

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Provision Networks in Minutes Not Weeks

Avaya Video Surveillance can reduce service provisioning time from days to minutes. Even the most demanding network can be set up in under an hour, with no need to log in and provision individual switches in the core and edge. The technology advancements available in Avaya Fabric Connect help eliminate human error, making the network more reliable and reducing network outages that often plagues Spanning Tree environments.

Avaya Video Surveillance and IP Multicast Routing

Deliver Instant Network-Wide Service

With Avaya Video Surveillance, the network is as dynamic as the applications. Network-wide services can be set up in minutes. Moves, adds, and changes can be handled quickly with end-point provisioning. New services—Layer 2 connections, Layer 3 Virtual Routing and Forwarding and multicast services—can quickly be enabled by the simple configuration of each of the end devices.

Risk-Mitigating Traffic Separation

Set up security zones across the enterprise to isolate traffic types for security and regulatory purposes. IP video surveillance traffic, for example, can be separated from other corporate traffic. Also, assigned users are unable to jump VLANs because their packets are encapsulated as soon as they arrive at the edge of the Fabric.

Miami-Dade County Cuts Complexity with Virtualization

Benefits: Increased Productivity, Network Scalability, Reduce Cost
Topic: Team Efficiency
Prepared for the Everywhere Perimeter? Here’s what IT Pros Say about Segmentation

Prepared for the Everywhere Perimeter? Here’s what IT Pros Say about Segmentation

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