Unified Access

A Simpler, Application-Aware Network that Accelerates Time to Service

A Network that Supports the Way You Work

  • Support the mobility of your employees by increasing operational efficiencies and keeping people securely connected to your organization—no matter where or how they connect.
  • Create a more agile, responsive organization that addresses the expectations of your mobile workforce while helping maintain security and control. Avaya’s application-aware, easily managed network is truly unified and smart enough to deliver services rapidly and seamlessly.
  • Embrace BYOD in a more secure and controlled manner and prioritize the applications that matter to you. Avaya’s Unified Access is designed for fast and easy implementation. It provides efficient, cost-effective, more secure, and reliable access to the applications and services that drive productivity.

Support BYOD without IT Headaches

Let employees use their personal devices, but do so with support for the strongest security standards. Control who, when, where, and how the network is accessed and provide greater protection for your sensitive data.

Get Visibility and Control of the Applications on your Network

Use application-level controls that help ensure mission-critical applications are supported first and are not crippled by bandwidth-hogging personal applications.

Reduce IT Demands with Fast and Easy Deployments

Deploy your Wireless LAN network and services faster with a simpler, plug-n-play solution that significantly reduces deployment time.

Customer Story
Holland Hall School

“Technology should be just another tool like a pencil or book, to work seamlessly.  That was the kind of system we were looking for and the kind of system we got.”

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Secure BYOD with Unified Access

More Secure BYOD – Bring Your Own Device

Provide greater protection for your corporate assets with a holistic networking solution that provides the increased security, reliability, availability, and performance needed for mission-critical applications. Provision users once and associate them with the same security profile and access policies, regardless of their wired or wireless connection. Deliver a consistent, high-quality user experience on any device being used.

Create Application-Aware Networking

Banish the unknown data traversing your network–the stuff that congests and leads to unpredictable usage patterns and ever-growing Internet uplink usage. Deliver wired-like performance and predictability to your mobile users with an application-aware network. Help ensure your network delivers uncompromised access to the applications and services your users most value.

Deploy Wireless Networks with Zero Touch Access Point Provisioning

Integrate Zero-Touch Wi-Fi

Deploy wireless networks quickly and easily with zero touch Access Point provisioning. Remove the Access Point from the box, power it on, attach the Ethernet cable…and you’re done. No complexity. A significantly reduced learning curve gives you quick, error-free deployments that accelerate the time to service for your applications.

Wi-Fi Wins with Global Media at Cricket’s Most Anticipated Event

Benefits: Improved Customer Service, Network Scalability
Topics: Bring your Own Device (BYOD), Stadium Technology, Team Efficiency
Glamorgan County Cricket Club
Prepared for the Everywhere Perimeter? Here’s what IT Pros Say about Segmentation

Prepared for the Everywhere Perimeter? Here’s what IT Pros Say about Segmentation

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The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Software-Defined Data Center

The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Software-Defined Data Center

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See Avaya’s approach to securing your network’s everywhere perimeter.

See Avaya’s approach to securing your network’s everywhere perimeter.

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