Network Virtualization

Eliminate Complexity in Your Network

Simplified Networks, Rapid Application Deployment

  • Virtualize your network to eliminate cumbersome manual tasks and reduce overall IT operating expenses. Cutting the number of moving parts in your network makes your services and applications more agile, faster to respond, and more resilient.
  • Integrate security features for the safe segmentation of data. Transition from conventional box-based networking to a unified network virtualization solution that converges multiple services–data, voice, video, and storage–onto an agile, end-to-end fabric. Reduce complex protocol overlays to achieve faster recovery times and simplified management.
  • Future-proof your investment for a smooth transition to Software-Defined Networking, which brings efficiency and automation to everyday IT processes. Build on a network that is both flexible and robust, and your next-generation virtual network will be a strong foundation for business-driven SDN.

Supercharge Your Time to Service

Our edge-only, zero-touch core provisioning capability empowers you to deliver service changes in real time, up to 27 times faster than historical networking, and with 67% less configuration expense.

Converge and Save with Multi-Service Networking

Take advantage of the next wave of service convergence. Leverage your multi-service virtualized network to transition standalone applications and infrastructure onto a single unified, easy-to-manage solution.

Orchestrate, Automate, and Shine

Your new SDN-ready virtualized network promotes application and service orchestration, which enables automation of mundane provisioning.

Customer Story
Miami Dade County

“From the competitive perspective, the overall total cost of ownership for the Avaya equipment, including all the flexibility and agility that we are getting, is quite good.”  

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Deploy Applications at Business Speed

Use network virtualization to accelerate virtual machine creation, migration, and life cycle management. Revolutionize application delivery and fully maximize investments in server/storage virtualization. Leveraging orchestration, your virtualized network delivers robust service automation, dramatically improving time to service, and providing new levels of efficiency to your business.

Build Partitions to Help Protect Your Network

We've been through the era of converging telephony on the network, and now we’re seeing applications such as video surveillance and payment card services transition from separate, dedicated, and often inefficient parallel solutions. Avaya's network virtualization technology enables multi-service networking, partitioning the infrastructure to support essential and/or sensitive applications such as financial, credit, health, personal, legal, and public sector.

Optimize Your Business by Saving Time and Money

Avaya's network virtualization underlay reduces complexity by displacing multiple inefficient protocols with one single, unified, and multi-service network technology. The network becomes more efficient to plan, build, and run. It supports crucial programmability and integrates multi-resource orchestration. With the efficiencies of a multi-service technology, equipment and operational burdens reduce, breaking the traditional model that equates functionality with complexity. Simplify your environment and save money.

Transition to Worry-Free Video and Surveillance

Video is being used all over the corporate landscape. Think global video conferencing, video distribution of information, video training classes–even CCTV and video surveillance for public safety. Video has evolved, transitioning to open, IP-based solutions. When your network has the ability to handle the demands that are inherent with video, you can deliver video applications and video surveillance with absolute operational flexibility. Video has the potential to change the way we interact with content, and only Avaya can deliver video networking that is simple, scalable, robust, and totally seamless.

Prairie Street Brewhouse Hops into the 21st Century

Benefits: Increased Productivity, Improved Customer Service, Network Scalability
Topics: Team Efficiency, Video Surveillance
Prairie Street Brewhouse
Prepared for the Everywhere Perimeter? Here’s what IT Pros Say about Segmentation

Prepared for the Everywhere Perimeter? Here’s what IT Pros Say about Segmentation

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White Paper
Cybersecurity through Hyper-Segmentation: a Practical Foundation for Network-wide Security

Cybersecurity through Hyper-Segmentation: a Practical Foundation for Network-wide Security

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See Avaya’s approach to securing your network’s everywhere perimeter.

See Avaya’s approach to securing your network’s everywhere perimeter.

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