Modern IT Infrastructures

Government agencies are focused on modernizing computing and collaboration environments to support evolving mission and business goals. Avaya understands public sector requirements and how to help government professionals meet objectives through incremental, secure, and future-proof collaboration and networking solutions—from the data center, to the mobile device, to hosted applications in the cloud.


Avaya Cloud Options

Cloud Options

Private, Powered, and Branded Cloud Services for Your Communications Solutions

  • • Avaya Cloud Services
  • • Avaya Powered Solutions
  • • Avaya Hybrid Solutions
Team Engagement Solutions - Unified Communications Optimization

Communications Optimization

Build Modernized Unified Communications Solutions

  • • Reduce Your Total Cost of Ownership
  • • Simplify Your Business Model
  • • Build for the Future
Federal Government – Defense / Military

Defense and Military

Modern Communications Environments for Military Operations

  • • Deliver Seamless Communications
  • • Expand Team Engagement and Enterprise-wide Collaboration
  • • Modernize Installation Security
Federal Civilian Government

Federal Civilian Government

Digital Communications Solutions for Flexible, Reliable, Secure Government Operations

  • • Update Networks Incrementally
  • • Enable Simpler, More Flexible Customer Service
  • • Apply Proven Technology for Streamlined Workflows
Go Mobile and Multi-channel


Deliver an Exceptional Patient Journey—From Routine Services to Urgent Care

  • • Achieve Higher Quality Patient Outcomes
  • • Deliver More Productive, Effective Care
  • • Secure and Manage Your Healthcare IoT 
Avaya Network Virtualization and Rapid Application Deployment

Network Virtualization

Eliminate Complexity in Your Network

  • • Supercharge Your Time to Service
  • • Converge and Save with Multi-Service Networking
  • • Orchestrate, Automate, and Shine
Optimized Technology for Next-Generation Citizen Services

State and Local Government

Create More Secure Communities With Advanced Communications Solutions

  • • Optimize Investments in Modern Networks
  • • Empower Efficient Working Environments
  • • Simplify Citizen Service Delivery


Customer Experience with Avaya Aura Workforce Optimization

Avaya Aura® Workforce Optimization

A Deeper, More Meaningful Look at Customer Interactions
  • • Harness the Voice of Your Customer
  • • Anticipate Contact Volumes
  • • Enable Agents to be More Successful
Avaya Pivot Operating Platform

Avaya Pivot™ Operating Platform

Taking on the Everywhere Data Center

Avaya Collaboration Pods

Avaya Pod Fx™

Enable Cloud-Based Communications from a Single Rack of Equipment
  • • Virtualization Simplified and Ready to Deploy
  • • Slash Total Cost of Ownership in Half
  • • Reduce Time to Service
 Avaya Surge™ Solution

Avaya Surge™ Solution

Making IoT Easy

  • • Mitigate Breaches
  • • Accelerate Network Innovation
  • • Leverage Actionable Insights
B179 Open SIP Conference Phone

B179 Open SIP Conference Phone

A Sleek and Sophisticated Conference Phone

Get More Out of Your Collaboration Tools

Cloud Application Link

Put Communications in Your Everyday Applications and Workflows

  • • Leverage Your Existing Communications
  • • Reduce IT Spending
  • • Make Communication Tools More Accessible and Available
Avaya Configuration and Orchestration Manager

Configuration and Orchestration Manager Plus

Streamlined Configuration, Provisioning, and Troubleshooting for Devices and Technologies
  • • Centralized Network Management and Device Provisioning
  • • Support for Multiple Users
  • • Easy Set Up
Avaya Fabric Connect Network Virtualization and Shortest Path Bridging

Fabric Connect

Cut Costs and Improve Agility with a Virtual Network Solution

  • • Be More Agile
  • • Eliminate Complexity
  • • Improve Network Uptime
Avaya Fabric Orchestrator

Fabric Orchestrator

Automate Your Network

  • • Enable One Operational Model
  • • Eliminate Manual Processes
  • • Build for the Future with Open-Source Technologies
Avaya Identity Engines Portfolio

Identity Engines Portfolio

More Secure Network Access for Employees’ Personal Devices
  • • Cover All the Bases
  • • Access Control Management Made Simple
  • • Welcome Your Guests
J129 Open SIP Deskphone

J129 Open SIP Deskphone

A Cost-effective IP Phone for Everyday Use

Open Networking Adapters

Open Networking Adapters

Seamlessly Transform Conventional Endpoints into Intelligent Open Network Nodes 

  • • Automate Device Attachment
  • • Virtualize Crucial Assets
  • • Simplify Solution Deployment
Software Defined Networking - Avaya SDN Fx Architecture

SDN Fx™ Architecture

Simplicity Everywhere—from Data Center to Network Edge

  • • Deploy New Technology Fast, Simply
  • • Be More Secure with Automated Network Segmentation
  • • Use Advanced Technology to Gain a Market Advantage
Visualization Performance and Fault Manager Plus

Visualization Performance and Fault Manager Plus

Manage Your Whole Network End to End

  • • Gain End-to-End Visibility to Your Multi-Vendor Environment
  • • Manage Network Faults and Performance
  • • See Significant Benefits for Business Efficiency
Avaya Wireless LAN 9100

Wireless LAN 9100

Superior Application Performance
  • • Take Control with Application Control
  • • Advanced Radio Frequency (RF) Management
  • • Keep Up With Business Growth