Mobility Enablement

Build a Virtual Culture for Mobile Employees, Partners, Customers



Avaya Aura® Conferencing [PDF]

Avaya Aura Conferencing brings audio, web, and video conferencing into a single platform that can be used as the foundation of a unified communications experience, or offered as an over the top conferencing solution.

Fact Sheets

Avaya Aura® Suite Licensing [PDF]

Avaya Aura Suite Licensing lets your business support the unique needs of users depending on their specific role and task at hand - whether they are working in main office, roaming the campus, on the road and highly mobile, or in virtual environments.

Avaya Communicator for Windows [PDF]

Avaya Communicator for Windows is a new generation client that extends unified communications and real-time collaboration services to devices using Microsoft Windows operating systems.


Four Things You Can't Ignore About Enterprise Mobility [PDF]

Learn the issues facing enterprises that use mobile telephony and collaboration, and find out how Avaya Enterprise Mobility can help.

5 Keys to Mobile Video Conferencing Success in the Enterprise [PDF]

Mobile video conferencing comes with subtle but important differences from conference room video.
According to a recent study by Wainhouse Research, these are the top 5 requirements to consider when incorporating personal video solutions into your BYOD strategy.



Avaya Mobility Solutions for Midsize Businesses [4:16]

Enabling employees to effectively engage with team members and customers while away from their desks is becoming increasingly important every day. Make it easier for your people to connect and collaborate from anywhere, at any time, using virtually any device. See how Avaya helps midsize businesses like yours transform your business using easy-to-use and flexible mobility solutions.

Avaya Managed Services [3:33]

Watch a brief overview video of the Avaya Managed Services portfolio. Review our solutions and some of the benefits our clients receive.

Avaya Enterprise Mobility Solutions [4:11]

This day-in-the-life video shows how Avaya extends enterprise grade, real-time communications to mobile workers when they are away from their desks. Video, audio and web collaboration bring your customers, partners and employees together with their choice of device including tablets, smartphones and desktops. Whether you are travelling and working from your hotel, a coffee shop, working at a customer’s office or your home Avaya Mobility solutions can transform the way you work.

White Papers

The New Rules of Engagement [PDF]

Authored by Kevin Kennedy, Avaya President and CEO, this paper explains why strong leaders should dispel 3 myths of communications—myths of openness, collaboration, and consumerization—to achieve success in 21st century business communication.

A Business Case for Mobility Solutions [PDF]

Cost-effectively boost productivity and the bottom line with secure access to enterprise grade telephony and collaboration.

Leadership Guide to Mobile Collaboration/BYOD

Review the impact mobility technologies are having on enterprises: organizations must embrace and adapt to an environment where nearly everyone is bringing their own mobile devices into the workplace. Learn about best practices and flexible tools for developing the most effective security, management, and control policies to support the Bring-Your-Own-Device wave in your enterprise.

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