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Avaya E-rate Brochure - Building the 21st Century Connected Schools [PDF]

School districts rely on Avaya to augment the educational experience with enhanced unified communications and customer experience management solutions in conjunction with the delivery of campus high speed broadband distribution.

Five Reasons to Choose Avaya Safe Campus Solution [PDF]

Avaya Networking and IP Office form the foundation for a safe campus infrastructure where campus safety meets an engagement solution. In concert with Avaya DevConnect members ALGO Communication Solutions, Conveyant Systems and several video surveillance solution providers, Avaya has developed a comprehensive solution for safe campuses. Administrators responsible for physical security and IT can now deploy, from their office or mobile smart phones, a unified solution with inherent building and campus safety, when designing 21st Century learning environments.

Avaya Safe School Solution [PDF]

Parents send their children off to school each day expecting that it will be a safe, nurturing environment. The vast majority of time, it is. But what if something happens that puts them in danger? The Avaya Safe School Solution takes such advances to a new level. It can help school districts bring the latest safety and security communications capabilities to their campuses efficiently and economically, while making the most of existing infrastructure and resources. When an emergency happens, an array of notification and security capabilities, from E9-1-1 emergency calls, to alarms and strobe lights, to door locks and loudspeakers — some triggered automatically — can save critical time and protect the well-being of students, faculty, staff and visitors.

Avaya Video-Enabled Learning Solution for Education [PDF]

Avaya video technology can drive the expansion of educational opportunities, enhance student engagement, and enrich the student experience. Learning can be conducted virtually anywhere, bringing education and development within everyone’s reach.

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Avaya E-Rate Eligible Products [PDF]

Since the E-rate Program was created, the percentage of U.S. public school classrooms that are connected to the Internet has grown—from 14 percent in 1996 to more than 98 percent. Roughly $2.5 billion is made available annually and is allotted across major categories defined as Category One & Category Two. This document lists Avaya's E-rate eligible products.



Avaya Safe School Solution [4:07]

The Avaya Safe School Solution is a full-stack solution consisting of Avaya networking and communications products along with security and alerting endpoints from DevConnect partner Algo Communication Solutions. It leverages SIP technology to control and automate school emergency systems and devices such as door entry controls, paging systems, and mobile devices. This solution is designed specifically for K-12 schools.

Avaya K-12 Education Solutions [4:04]

Let Avaya help you modernize your school’s communications and move into the era of digital education, while providing the lowest TCO in the industry.

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