K-12 Education

Cost-Effective Engagement Solutions for Next-Generation Learning

Deliver a More Connected, Mobile, Safer Learning Environment

  • Support hybrid classroom learning experiences, including HD video conferencing, available via remote and mobile access.
  • Create immersive online virtual classrooms that let students and staff interact in 3D sessions using presentations, video, audio, and live chat, with experts from around the world.
  • Provide mobile access throughout the school. Keep administrators and teachers constantly reachable, wherever they are in the school.
  • Enable clear, timely communications that help you strengthen relationships and better coordinate collaboration among teachers, students, parents, and administrators by. Contact parents via voice, text, and email automatically.
  • In extraordinary circumstances, deliver reliable, intelligible communications to your entire community, and provide immediate access to information about critical situations.

Deliver Easy Access to Innovative Learning

Leverage your instructional expertise to engage students and faculty in a variety of video-enhanced learning experiences that let them collaborate anytime, anywhere, on any device.

Enhance Your Community Relationships

Improve relationships and coordination between staff, students, and parents using collaboration solutions that help you deliver clear, relevant, timely communications.

Lower Your TCO with Cloud Computing

With a combo of on-premises and cloud-hosted collaboration solutions, you can access advanced communications and collaboration tools at a low, per-user, monthly cost.

Avaya Cloud Solutions and IVR Speech Applications

Cloud Solutions Deliver Both Applications and Savings

Streamline communications by integrating cloud-based applications and services for a seamless campus-wide delivery. Lower your costs with a cloud-hosted solutions center that provides pay-as-you-go access to IP telephony and Unified Communications functions, Automatic Call Distribution functions, Contact Center services, and IVR/speech applications.

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New Learning Paradigms

Provide innovative new learning environments. Connect students to classes and resources using cloud-based and mobile applications. Extend video services to personal video-enabled smartphones and tablets, across the users’ networks. Create an immersive virtual learning environment where staff and students collaborate via 3D visuals, video, and audio.

New Jersey School Integrates Platforms for Safety & Efficiency Gains

Benefits: Increased Productivity, Reduce Cost, Enhanced Collaboration
Topics: Team Efficiency, Smart Campus
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